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Performance Strategist for Top Leaders & Brands

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Unlock Courage. Take Action. Express Your Inner Genius.

Looking for something different?

Based on Victoria’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Risk Forward, this keynote is like no other.

We are living in an era when conditions are in constant flux, people are experiencing internal angst, and uncertainty prevails. Change is increasing at unprecedented levels. Victoria’s counterintuitive approach to all this is riveting, surprising, and effective.

The key to success is not in how quickly we can lock in fixed plans, but rather the opposite: how we can embrace the unknown, approach our business as an art, find the courage and confidence to express our unique talents, and achieve remarkable results.

You will learn how to:

  • Take ownership and initiative
  • Unlock the courage to express your unique self and benefit the organization
  • Truly connect with clients, customers, colleagues
  • Cultivate a culture of inclusivity, empathy and collaboration
  • Harness the key to rapid growth that leading artists use & that organizations must embrace
  • “Stop time” for yourself and those you serve (and get off the crazy busy conveyor belt!)
  • Foster high level performance with the #1 strategy top film directors use

Knock Your Communications Out of the Park

As distractions and information overload increase to unprecedented levels, and as people’s attention span drops dramatically, how can you deliver your message in a way that truly lands? Whether your interactions are live or via video, with your team, clients, customers or prospects…the stakes are high. It’s hard to get people’s attention and when you do, you can’t afford to blow it.

You can’t just deliver information. You must create an experience.

You will learn how to:

  • Avoid the #1 communication & presentation mistake
  • Engage people and hold their attention
  • Become a better storyteller
  • Cut your prep time in half
  • Distinguish your communications and your brand
  • Craft a memorable experience

Getting Off The Conveyor Belt of Life

Today’s world is indeed “crazy busy nuts.” People seem to be busier than ever before…while working under challenging conditions. How can you help people stay connected to what really matters? How do you keep people engaged? How can you make sure your interactions are meaningful? In this keynote, Victoria will show you how to stay focused and move through the chaos effectively and with grace.

You will learn:

  • The #1 Question to Reconnect with What Really Matters
  • Secrets from Broadway and Hollywood to make sure your “scenes”—any interaction, meeting, exchange—are as good as they can be
  • The 3-part Listening System so you truly connect with clients, customers, colleagues, guests
  • The KDF approach to transform the outcome of your communication
  • The #1 strategy top directors use to foster high level performance


“A huge hit with our sales and management team…well exceeded our expectations. We have seen an immediate impact on sales activity and new business.”

— Enterprise Rent-A-Car

“Victoria delivered. Pure and simple. She is funny, poignant, dramatic, visual—in short, the total package. I highly recommend Victoria for a program of any size, for any industry, global or domestic.”


“Unquestionably the most inspiring & moving speaker I’ve experienced in my 15 years as CEO. Every person she’s touched within our company has walked away in awe and is now able to realize more of their potential in life. Victoria has done 19 sessions, impacting our entire company throughout N. America.”

— Bosley
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