Why Businesses in Transition Benefit from Motivational Speakers

Posted by Sheldon Senek

Transitional periods are a necessary, yet often challenging time for businesses. We know that change is what drives innovation and growth, yet setting new goals, modifying internal operations, and adjusting protocol can be difficult for leaders and their employees.  For businesses working through the adversity of implementing improvements, a motivational speaker can serve as a valuable way to not only bring a business together, but help a business regain clarity, definition, and ambition.

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A business in transition is one that’s likely prone to a degree of self-doubt, as it’s faced with important, sometimes risky, decisions that can significantly impact its future for better or worse. When businesses take these risks, it can prove difficult for all members of a team to remain confident in the decisions that have been made, as well as embrace a new identity moving forward. Motivational speaker Anne Mahlum, a social entrepreneur and founder of the non-profit Back on My Feet, which helps homeless individuals regain stability, understands the importance of redefinition and the ability to move forward with confidence.  In fact, Mahlum’s mission for Back on My Feet is all about redefinition, and her electric speeches help businesses forge new and improved identities. As Mahlum communicates to her corporate audiences, successful transitions in business are as much about perspective and positive self-valuation as they are direct action.

Clarity and purpose are also essential characteristics for a business in transition. Speaker Amelia Rose Earhart uses her incredible life experiences to motivate others to identify their own purpose, or as she calls it, their “True North.” As the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single engine plane, Earhart understands how goal-setting, determination, and a strong sense of purpose can make dreams become realities. Earhart’s emphasis on taking clear, direct action to accomplish goals is particularly valuable to the business with shifting dynamics and priorities, as it may be easily overwhelmed with an abundance of options and distractions that delay action and stand in the way of achieving objectives. With her key insight on ways to develop a clear action plan rooted in purpose, Earhart’s “True North” talk can help any business fly the right course.

Stephanie Decker intimately understands the adversity that can accompany major change. After a tornado destroyed her home and took both of her legs, Decker has learned to live life as a double amputee. Decker shares her understandings of how a combination of goal setting, teamwork, and a dash of good humor can result in outcomes that benefit larger goals and a greater good. Since her double amputation, Decker has worked tirelessly to advocate for increased access to advanced prosthetics and has created her own non-profit foundation to accomplish this aim. For Decker, adapting to change is all about outlook; as Decker emphasizes in her speech, a positive attitude is imperative for facing challenges in life and in the world of business head on.

Whether your business is in the process of changing its brand and mission, or whether it’s simply aiming to revise existing protocol, motivational speakers can provide the unity and focus needed to ensure these changes are carried out in both a seamless and effective manner.



Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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