World Health Day 2013: Spotlight on High Blood Pressure

Posted by Alexis Washington

April 7th was world health day! In recognition of World Health Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) will be working all month long to inform the public about the causes, effects of, and treatments for High Blood Pressure.

Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau spotlights Dr. Holly Atkinson, the Senior on-air Medical Correspondent and Chief of Medical Affairs for the leading consumer health video network, HealthiNation, to help shed light on the WHO’s battle against high blood pressure. As a medical correspondent and professional speaker, Dr. Atkinson has been working to inform the public audiences around the world about WHO initiatives and general well being for over 20 years.

First of all: Who is WHO?

WHO is the United Nations organ that identifies threats to international health and coordinates international cooperation of scientists, governments, and policymakers to address these threats. Past initiatives by WHO have included combating AIDS, Tuberculosis, Polio, Bird Flu, and much more.

Why Do WHO Projects Matter?

According to Dr. Atkinson, WHO is comprised of a “stunning collection of people who are world wide leaders on global health matters, research agents, setting norms and standards, and coordinating the UN system.” These are the individuals from all around the world who gather together and prioritize world health issues. WHO scientists and policy makers are responsible for everything from creating and distributing flu vaccines each year to promoting women’s health and nutrition.

Why High Blood Pressure?

As the leader in shaping the global health agenda, WHO scientists and researchers have prioritized high blood pressure as one of the most pressing international health issues for several reasons:

  • High-blood pressure is a Non-communicable disease (meaning that unless checked for it can go unnoticed)
  • It affects an estimated 1/3 adults worldwide
  • It increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure
  • Uncontrolled high-blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular disease (which is the number one cause of death globally)

Symptoms, Identification, and Prevention

WHO has referred to High-blood pressure as the silent killer because, most often, individuals show little or no symptoms.

“To know whether you have high blood pressure, you need to check!” -Dr. Holly Atkinson.

To prevent or treat high-blood pressure, Dr. Atkinson recommend a combination of healthy diet and exercise. When simple changes in lifestyle are not enough, she suggests working with a doctor to carefully decide on the best medical treatment option. “There are a number of medications that are very successful in lowering blood pressure.”

Whether it’s a simple matter of lifestyle change or medication, high-blood pressure does not need to be such a deadly, silent killer if it is detected early and treated properly. According to WHO “high blood pressure is preventable and treatable. Early detection is key: all adults should know their blood pressure.” In lieu of World Health Day and the WHO initiative to combat high-blood pressure, be sure to have your blood pressure checked regularly and treat raised blood pressure with a good dose of healthy diet and exercise.


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Posted by Alexis Washington
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