Your Purpose Has A Purpose by Craig and Marc Kielburger

Posted by Alexis Washington

Craig and Marc Kielburger are authors of three national bestsellers, children’s rights activist, and the founders of “Free The Children,” a unique international development and youth empowerment organization. Their article discuses how we can all make a difference, and we can all live purpose-driven lives.

We once had the great fortune to spend time with Mother Teresa in India as she cared for the poor and the homeless. It seemed like such an overwhelming responsibility. And we told her that.

The words she shared with us, we share with you.

She said: “You have to realize, in our lives we can do no great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Mother Teresa’s words remind us that we can all make a difference, and we can all live purpose-driven lives. This is true in our work, also.

Many of you may be returning to work after a wonderful summer of barbeques, sunburns and sandals. Some of you might even resist going back. But for each of us, the work we do has purpose. Whether we work in banking, or teaching, or the health-care sector, government services, our work matters: our smallest interactions with people, the products and services we provide.

We can and do make a difference.

When Craig was just 12, he realized the power one individual can have. He’d read an article about the murder of child slave Iqbal Masih. When Craig brought the newspaper clipping to his class to ask for help he had no idea what would happen. Eleven hands shot up. We had no idea that ‘Free The Children’ would become what it is today. Or that we could go on to found ‘Me to We,’ a social enterprise that helps people make socially conscious consumer choices.

Back then, standing in front of his class, he was scared and uncertain. We all feel that way sometimes. But through our daily actions, and even our daily choices, we can make a difference. We can lead purpose-driven lives. And if we do small things with great love, we can do great things together.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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