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Todd Buchholz

Economics Expert, From the White House to Wall Street
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The Price of Prosperity:  How to Renew Rich Nations
What’s wrong with America and the modern economy? When rich nations begin to shatter, “everyone has a comfy bed—but fewer people have a reason to get out of it.” Todd Buchholz’s new book The Price of Prosperity is earning rave reviews from leading minds on the Democratic and the Republican side of the aisle, from Larry Summers and Alan Blinder to Larry Kudlow. In this entertaining speech Todd explains the 5 factors that can undermine rich countries, and he puts forth bold solutions to address the eroding work ethic, rising debt loads, and the challenge of patriotism in a multicultural country. Todd takes audiences on a fascinating historical tour, from ancient Sparta to the Habsburg Monarchy to the fall of the Ottomans to identify how rich nations get in trouble, and how they can get out. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal reviewer said about Todd’s approach: “Mr. Buchholz was economic adviser to George H.W. Bush. He has run a hedge fund. He teaches and writes books and is popular with TV talk-show hosts. His book reflects that range of talents in that it has the tone of a provocative and entertaining dinner speech, studded with factoids and witticisms…The result is entertaining and informative…Mr. Buchholz has raised his warning flags in a charming way.” Audiences will come away enlightened, motivated, and uplifted.

Prosperity Ahead – Or Not?
As the presidential election race threatens to reshape policy from taxation to healthcare to foreign affairs, governments and companies must grapple with crucial questions: How can the Fed prod the economy to recover, while Brexit and other worries drag down sentiment?  Will the Fed keep its independence or be turned into a tool of the White House? Will the next president look to hike the minimum wage and tighten overtime rules, or give firms more leeway on employee work rules and compensation? Will the U.S. build up bigger and bigger debts without tackling entitlements? What’s at stake for the economy, the financial markets and geopolitics, amid foreign policy crises in Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and Iran?  Todd Buchholz will help you figure out whether the Washington sweepstakes makes life easier or tougher for your company’s profits and its share price. Todd Buchholz has delivered keynotes at the White House, Treasury Department, UK Parliament and the Mexico stock exchange. His just-released book The Price of Prosperity is currently ranked #1 on Amazon for government and received rave reviews from advisors to Hillary Clinton and from advisors to Donald Trump. By “connecting the dots” of the world economy, Todd will inspire you and help develop a timely vision for the economy, the financial markets, and the dramatic impact of the presidential election.

How to Compete in a Global Economy
Never before have businesses felt such excruciating pressure to compete. The go-go days of the 1990s turned into the go-sideways days of the 2000’s. What’s next? While enjoying superlow interest rates and riding a roller coaster stock market, firms have struggled to raise prices, even when their costs go up. China poses a threat but also an opportunity for new sales. Loyal customers seem ready to jump to a competitor. How can your company or industry survive and thrive? Can the Fed keep the economy recovering in the Janet Yellen era?  Will Congress try yet another “stimulus?” Todd Buchholz, who led the White House Energy Strategy, will help you figure out whether OPEC and Russia can tighten energy supplies again or whether a revolution in natural gas will reinvigorate U.S. factories. Learn how the “scissors economy” opens up new business and investment opportunities. Today might be the very best—or the very worst—time to finance a loan. By “connecting the dots” of the world economy, Todd teaches how to anticipate the new trends that open up fresh opportunities for manufacturing, service and technology companies.

Why Book Todd Buchholz?

  • He puts global politics and financial markets into perspective and offers a positive understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s markets.

  • As a former senior economic advisor to the White House and a managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, Buchholz is widely sought for his depth of experience, sharp intellect and honest, entertaining delivery.

  • As an award-winning economics teacher at Harvard, Buchholz speaks on the economy, financial markets, and politics with wit and precision.

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    Economist Todd Buchholz “lights up economics with a wickedly sparkling wit,” says the Associated Press. The former White House senior economic advisor, Tiger hedge fund managing director and best-selling author has jousted with such personalities as James Carville and Ben Stein. His lively and informative speaking engagements have earned him a place in Successful Meetings Magazine’s “21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century, and his best-selling books on economics and financial markets have been widely translated and are taught in universities worldwide.

    As a frequent commentator on the state of the markets, Todd Buchholz brings his experience as a former White House director of economic policy, a managing director of the $15 billion Tiger hedge fund, and a Harvard economics teacher to the cutting edge of economics, fiscal politics, finance, and business strategy.  Buchholz is a frequent guest on ABC News, PBS, and CBS, and he recently hosted his own special on CNBC. Buchholz has debated such luminaries in the field as Lester Thurow and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz.

    Before joining Tiger in 1996, Buchholz was President of the G7 Group, Inc, an international consulting firm whose clientele included many of the top securities firms, investment banks and money managers in New York, London, and Tokyo, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. His commentaries were closely read by officials at the Federal Reserve, Bundesbank and Bank of England. From 1989 to 1992 he served at the White House as a Director for Economic Policy. Buchholz won the Allyn Young Teaching Prize at Harvard and holds advanced degrees in economics and law from Cambridge and Harvard. He was a fellow at Cambridge University in 2009, holds several engineering and design patents and is a co-producer of the Broadway smash “Jersey Boys.”

    Buchholz is the inventor of the Math Arrow, a mathematical matrix that makes numbers more intuitive to children. He is the CEO of Sproglit, LLC, which develops software and classroom materials based on the Math Arrow. Martin Cooper, widely recognized as the inventor of the cellular phone, has called the Math Arrow “ingenious.”

    Buchholz has authored numerous critically acclaimed and best-selling books, many of which he has developed into successful lectures and speaking events. His books have been translated into a dozen languages and are used in universities worldwide, including at Harvard, Duke, and Princeton. Author Buchholz is praised for his examination of economics, business and entrepreneurship in the context of global society.

    Market Shock: 9 Economic and Social Upheavals that Will Shake Our Financial Future, was released to rave reviews and dubbed “outstanding” by the Wall Street Journal. Buchholz has also published the best-selling New Ideas from Dead EconomistsNew Ideas from Dead CEOs, From Here to Economy, andLasting Lessons from the Corner Office, which garnered high praise from The New York Times and Financial Times. Named by Publishers Weekly as a “top ten” book for 2011, his book Rush: Why You Need and Love the Rat Race has been praised by the Financial Times, Toronto Globe & Mail, Los Angeles Times and the BBC, among many others. Buchholz has penned articles for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Forbes, and Reader’s Digest.

    An experienced media personality, Buchholz gave a lecture at the White House entitled “Clarity, Honesty and Modesty in Economics,” and has delivered keynote speeches before such influential corporate and financial institutions as Microsoft, IBM, Goldman Sachs and the United States Chamber of Commerce. He has served as a consulting advisor to the White House, Microsoft, Allstate, Goldman Sachs, IBM, SAP and Toyota, and he is routinely asked to provide perspective in newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

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    "Todd Buchholz was just amazing. His energy, effervescence and educational material was just what we needed to kick-off the Reinsurance Conference. He kept the audience wide-eyed for 30 minutes straight. Todd never used a single note and jam-packed us with information. I likened him to un-corking a bottle of champagne and letting the good times roll. Todd was a fountain of insightful information. All that from an economist!"

    "I just can’t say enough about Todd. He did a fantastic job! Our audience really enjoyed his informative, realistic and very witty presentation. I am still receiving praise from attendees. One even stated, 'This was the first time in my life I ever went to anything like that and was sorry when it was over!' Thanks again for delivering a wonderful speaker for our Growing Global program."
    --World Trade Center Saint Louis

    "Thanks again...The feedback we received regarding your presentation was very positive."
    --The Americas Lodging Investment Summit

    "One of the 21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century."
    --Successful Meetings Magazine

    "Buchholz knows his stuff.”
    --The New York Times

    “Buchholz lights up economics with a wickedly sparkling wit.”
    --Associated Press

    “Todd Buchholz is a man worth listening to – here is the opportunity.”
    --Tiger Management, LLC

    “Buchholz is a shrewd observer…”
    --PBS Nightly Business Report

    "I honestly can not say enough good things. Todd stole the show and people raved about him."
    --IMB DB2 Information Management Software