The Ins and Outs of Social Media For Influence Marketing

Posted by Stephanie Guida

Using Social Media for influence marketing is a tool of the present (and future) that all businesses and brands need to get on board with to ensure success. From 2010 to 2018, social media users have increased by more than 2 billion. Social media is a quick, efficient, and usually free way to increase engagement with customers, advertise, and build a successful brand. The following speakers are digital strategists, influencers, and entrepreneurs who used social media to create empires. Now they want to help you to do the same.


Brendan Kane

Business and digital strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands, and celebrities

Brendan Kane is probably most well-known for generating over one million followers in over 100 countries in less than 30 days. Now, he helps his clients systematically engage and find new audiences using social media. One of Brendan’s main focus points is that we live in a 3 second world. You only have three seconds to capture someone’s attention via social media. He has helped countless celebrity clients to build applications and platforms, including Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Micheal Strahan, Adriana Lima, and Charles Barkely. Kane teaches that it no longer takes years and billions of dollars to reach audiences around the world. At one time, you had to be a major corporation or major celebrity to reach millions with your content and message. Today, the opportunity is made available to everyone. Brendan will teach your group the minute details of what attracts a following. There are around 60 billion messages sent across digital platforms each day. You need to find a compelling and engaging way to make your messages stand out. Let Brendan help teach you just how you can do that.


Mari Smith 

Social Media Thought Leader

Also known as the “Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith has been a social media leader since 2007 and has a deep expertise in Facebook marketing. Much like Brendan, Mari also follows and teaches the three second rule. Aside from that, she has a three-part formula that will teach your group how to “humanize” your business and get your social platforms growing. The first part is content. You need great content to have great engagement. It should be a mix of text, visual, audio, and video. Part two is engagement. No matter how exceptional your content is, if there is no engagement, there is no point. You need to engage with your customers proactively for success. The final part is conversion. You take the effort from parts one and two to drive an end result. This will convert your audience into paying customers and help you to build loyal “fans.” Loyal fans and customers will essentially do your marketing for you. Mari will also discuss the two issues that she sees with social media marketing. The first being companies not investing enough time into training all departments for social media. The more empowered your staff is, the more powerful you will be. The second is companies not investing enough time into engaging with their online audiences. People want to be heard and seen and if you aren’t engaging with your customers, they really won’t have any interest in doing business with you. Essentially, it comes down to customer service. You have to treat social media comments, questions, and concerns as if they were phone calls or emails that need responding to. Engagement with customers is key. Mari is considered one of the top resources and thought leaders in the world of marketing, and it is no question why. Allow her to help you grow your brand and create not just customers, but loyal fans.


Johnny Earle
Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle

Highly Successful Entrepreneur and Branding Expert, Founder of Johnny Cupcakes

Since 2001, Johnny Cupcakes has taken the t-shirt business he started in the trunk of his car and morphed it into a multi-million dollar company and brand with a cult-like following. He often creates t-shirt “pop-up” shops that keep customers intrigued and engaged. He has had customers camp outside of where these “pop-up” shops are going to be for weeks prior just to get his shirts! How? He believes in creating experiences for his customers. He speaks to groups around the world on how to start, grow, and reinvent your business with little to no money. He is very dedicated to his brand loyalty and believes in treating followers like friends. Johnny often uses social media to engage with his customers on a personal level. New designs and shirts are almost always posted to his social media accounts, where it allows his fans to comment what they think, giving him a clear and concise picture of what his customers like and dislike. It also gives him the opportunity to directly respond to customers comments, questions, or concerns. Johnny will even take it a step further than your average entrepreneur. He will often tweet out his location and have followers come meet-up with him on the spot, where he will usually give away some type of prize. In a pre-social media world, marketing like this would be far from possible. Connecting with his customers on such a personal level has given Johnny a one-up on most. Allow Johnny to teach you exactly how to become an “experience-based brand” and how to connect with your customers on a personal level.

Social media is not a fad or trend, it is here to stay. It is an engaging and innovative marketing tool that all companies should be using for success. Allow these speakers on influence to help take your brand to the next level and build your empire through social media today.

Posted by Stephanie Guida

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