5 Fun Team Building Activities

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Team building activities can be a great way to foster a unified and supportive work environment. If your team has felt out of sync lately, or if you simply want to renew a sense of collaboration among employees, it’s well worth it to take a couple hours out of the workday to help team members bond.


In case you would like some ideas, here are a few of our favorite team building activities to jumpstart your group’s motivation:

Scavenger Hunt

Split up your team members into two or more groups and provide each group with the same list of items to find. The best aspect of this activity is its versatility. You can conduct a scavenger hunt almost anywhere – from an outdoor city-search to a hunt within your own office building. The fun part is that you can get quite creative with the items to hunt. No matter your approach, this activity is sure to be a memorable one for your team members.


Two Truths and a Lie

This activity is an excellent way for team members to really get to know one another. Gather all members together and have each person say three things about him or herself. Make sure to explain beforehand that of the three personal facts, two should be true and one should be a lie. After each member has spoken, other team members will try to guess which statements were true and which was a lie. It’s a quick, fun way for people to learn unique things about one another’s past.

Self Esteem Builder

The self esteem builder helps strengthen your team by making each team member feel valued by his or her peers. All you will need for this activity is a piece of paper for each team member, labeled with his or her name at the top. Give everyone a sheet with someone else’s name on it and instruct them to write one nice thing about the person listed on the paper. When the time is up, everyone passes the sheet to the next person, and so on until they have their own sheet back. Every team member ends the activity with a list of reasons to feel great!

Mine Sweeper

Allow each member of the team to say one thing that they find to be detrimental to team unity or efficiency in the workplace. Write each item down on a piece of paper and lay these pages on the floor across the room. Now pair up the team members, blindfolding one person in each pair. The partner without the blindfold will guide the blindfolded partner through the “minefield” the team has created.

Ropes Course

While the ropes course requires a bit more effort and a trip outside the office, it’s an active and amusing activity that everyone will enjoy. Team members must help eachother complete a variety of climbing, balancing, and rope-swinging activities. The ropes course has it all – fresh air, exercise, and team-building! A challenging, physical outdoors experience will be quite rejuvenating to team members and provide them with an experience they will truly remember.

If you’re eager for more team building training, we have speakers who specialize in just that!

Afterburner, Inc. is a team of fighter pilots who know all too well how important a unified team is to success – whether in business or in combat.

 Afterburner Inc.

Walter Bond, of NBA fame, learned a lot about how to be a team player from his time as a professional basketball player. Now he’s a rousing speaker and team building expert!

Walter Bond

Tom Flick went from NFL quarterback to in-the-know business training consultant. Tom is an indispensible resource for business leadership and corporate team building.

Tom Flick

• Vince Lombardi , a lawyer, professor, and son of famed Greenbay Packers coach, is an expert in encouraging individual success within a supportive team environment.

Posted by uberuser

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