Amelia Rose Earhart
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Amelia Rose Earhart

Around-The-World Pilot, Author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Virtual Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
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Amelia Rose Earhart – Speaker Reel: Learn to Love the Turbulence
Amelia Rose Earhart: Pivot And Change Your Path With Course Correction
Amelia Rose Earhart: Taking On Challenges – How To Use Or Conserve Your Fuel
Amelia Rose Earhart: The Art of Navigating the Holding Pattern (extended clip)
Amelia Rose Earhart: Plan For Obstacles (extended clip)

Amelia Rose Earhart

Around-The-World Pilot, Author, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Virtual Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Traveling from:

Why Book

  • Amelia brings a pilot’s perspective to leadership and teams.
  • She helps attendees learn to love the turbulence and boldly venture into uncharted territory.
  • Like the American hero that she was named for, Amelia Rose Earhart is a dynamic, boundary-defying, around-the-world pilot. Her inspiring talks have earned rave reviews from a range of corporate audiences — taking them into the cockpit for both a great story and unforgettable flight lessons on handling headwinds, celebrating tailwinds, and defining your own airspace in both life and the workplace.


When Amelia Rose Earhart decided to honor her namesake, aviation pioneer Amelia Mary Earhart, she did it in the biggest way possible. She became the first person to pilot a single-engine Pilatus PC-12-NG around the world.

The journey to successfully complete this 28,000 nautical miles flight included challenges and obstacles, but ultimately taught her invaluable lessons about life.

Achieving the Impossible

It was an odds-defying achievement that included more than two years of route and logistical planning, extensive flight training, and open water survival training. Additionally, it involved recruiting, training, and leading a team of 100 people. Utilizing the invaluable concept of a flight plan to achieve her dream, Amelia crafted a strategic business plan. This plan was designed to fund and market her flight.

In the process, she developed a large and passionate social following and forged almost $2 million in partnerships with 28 corporations. Through the “Fly with Amelia Foundation“, (a nonprofit she founded to foster the next generation of women in aviation), Amelia granted 10 flight training scholarships to women ages 16-18 as she circled the plane over Howland Island, the area of the South Pacific Ocean where Amelia Earhart disappeared.

Leadership and Lessons Learned

Amelia’s story of hard work, determination, and dedication resonates deeply with many audiences. She takes them along on her epic flight, from Howland Island. This is the same runway where Amelia Earhart departed in 1937. Drawing powerful comparisons, she relates this to how we lead and work as teams.

She also discusses handling turbulence and boldly journeying into uncharted territory with confidence. Amelia has earned rave reviews from audiences ranging from the Fortune 500 to the United States Air Force Academy. Her upcoming book, :“Learn to Love the Turbulence: Flight Lessons on Becoming the Pilot in Command of Your Own Journey”, teaches readers how to navigate the inevitable storms. These storms come with taking flight toward the life we were meant to live.

Before the Flight

Before flying around the world, Amelia Rose Earhart was best known as a television news anchor and reporter. She also covered breaking news, traffic, and weather in Denver and Los Angeles. She continues to use her professional interviewing and polished presenting skills as an emcee and moderator. Her story has been featured in major media outlets, including CNN, The New York TimesThe Today Show, and others.

She is a recipient of the Amelia Earhart Pioneering Achievement Award. She was also named by the Jaycees as one of the “Top Ten Young Americans.”

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Lead Like a Pilot

Take on a Pilot’s Perspective to Navigate Change and Success with Agility 

Pilots are known for their clear communication skills, decisiveness, situational awareness, information processing, workload management, and overall sense of personal responsibility.

These same skills are invaluable in today’s workplace, given the varied tasks and responsibilities each team member is required to perform, often in the work from home environment.

In this talk, each member of your team will learn immediate ways to think and act with a pilot in command mentality.


  • How conducting “pre-flight” style team briefings can ensure understanding, preparedness and confidence among team members
  • How to identify and avoid the five most hazardous attitudes to stress responses, and how to counter them with positive action
  • How the use of checklists can free up working memory while building team trust and synchronicity
Learn to Love the Turbulence:

Create a Flight Plan to Clear any Goal for Take-Off

It would be great if all our goals could be reached without any disruption, but the reality is, reaching new heights requires us to get comfortable with the possibility of turbulence.

Preparedness and understanding are the strongest antidotes to turbulence.

Drawing upon her upcoming book,  Learn to Love the Turbulence: Flight Lessons on Becoming the Pilot in Command of Your Own Journey”,  Amelia shares what it takes to create a solid flight plan to reach any goal, identify and assess risk, and formulate backup plans to prepare for disruption, adversity, and  challenges.


  • How forecasting and proper planning can prepare us to make even the most difficult journeys.
  • The concept of 360 degree thinking to gain confidence in course correcting through and around major challenges.
  • The importance of “Aviate, Navigate, Communicate,” which allows us to distribute responsibility and prioritize appropriate action in times of stress and confusion.
Own Your Airspace

How to Be Bold, Resourceful, and Agile in Uncharted Territory

In aviation, airspace is the environment where aircraft fly. In the professional world, the “airspace” in which we operate can be thought of similarly. When we own our airspace, we know where we’re going, who we’re sharing airspace with, and we fully understand the rules of the airspace in which we choose to fly. Only then can we begin to fly with confidence, direction, and a sense of mission.

In this talk, your team will learn how to see the big picture, strategically avoid potential storms,  and identify their own unique headings to not only soar, but truly “own their airspace.”


  • The three levels of true situational awareness: Being a passenger, a pilot, or an air traffic controller.
  • To identify headwinds, tailwinds, and crosswinds in terms of professional challenges and opportunities.
  • To become comfortable flying “unusual headings” through a divergent creative thinking exercise.
The Sky is the Limit

Your Flight Plan for Success

Amelia Rose Earhart knows how to bring a bold dream to life – even when all the odds were stacked against her.  In 2014, she followed in the footsteps of the American hero she was named after, Amelia Earhart, and flew a small plane (Pilatus PC-12NG) 28,000 nautical miles around the globe. To accomplish this, Amelia self-funded her instrument and commercial flight training, crafted a strategic business plan to design, fund, and market her around-the-world attempt, grew a large and passionate social following to spread the word, raised close to $2 million in partnerships with 28 corporations, and more.

In this motivational speech, Amelia not only inspires, but provides the practical guidance to create your own plan for success.


  • How to identify a route toward your goal, identify your personal “fuel sources,” and unlock methods to navigate through and around the storms that may pop up along your path
  • Why the use of checklists and procedures can free up working memory to allow for maximum focus,  creativity, and innovation
  • Ways to rely upon others in your “flight crew” to delegate tasks and increase confidence in the midst of change and challenge

Amelia Rose Earhart Reviews

“Amelia was a terrific speaker. Poised, confident, energetic, fun and engaging. Her life story of how she had a focus and carried through while experiencing her own turbulence
was very inspiring.”

— Rental Housing Association

“I thought she did a great job! I love how she was able to stay true to herself and use her pilot terminology but still relate it to what we are all experiencing in today’s world and with this pandemic, without constantly using the word “pandemic.” She brought so much energy, passion, and enthusiasm to the series! It was a pleasure working with her and I know our associates enjoyed hearing her speak.”

— Capital One

“Our clients really enjoyed hearing her story.”

— PNC Bank

“She meshed with our group at our dinner. She spoke openly about her challenges in the flight. She had great photos as a part of the presentation.”

— Virginia Auto Dealers Association (VADA)

“Not only was her story incredible, but her personal inner strength, and quite frankly guts through personal adversity, is truly inspiring.”

— Northrop Grumman Corporation

“We were VERY pleased with Amelia Rose Earhart as a speaker for both our Leadership Workshop & Keynote event … Ms. Earhart was polished, professional & very engaging!! We would & will consider her for future events … She did outstanding & our events were a BIG success!”

— Collins Aerospace


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