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Engineer, Attorney, Mediator, Author Construction Manager, Former Trump EVP
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Barbara A. Res was the original Apprentice having been tapped by Donald Trump and his wife, Ivana, to oversee the construction of his iconic Trump Tower on 5th Ave in New York City. He discovered her working as a construction engineer and superintendent on the Grand Hyatt Hotel, recognized as Trump’s entrée into the Development Business. Her no-nonsense attitude and her ability to stand up to the men including Trump himself attracted his attention. Res presents a nuanced view Res is an expert on Sexual Harassment. Always the only woman, whether in engineering school or on the site, she was discriminated against, harassed and intimidated. Her positive attitude and perseverance enabled her to overcome the obstacles and achieve success in a field that is still mostly closed to women. Res talks about her experiences in the times before the law protected women and how things have changed yet remained the same. She inspires, informs and amuses with her stories of working men and millionaires. Res believes that work does not define the individual and that women can succeed in any field. Res has worked in construction and development across the country and in Europe for almost 40 years. She has held virtually every position in contracting and has been a development executive responsible for bringing projects from raw land through occupancy. She has advocated before municipalities, legislative bodies, state and federal agencies and before the business and local community. She is a licensed attorney and an effective mediator and arbitrator. She talks about the interaction between Developers and contractors, professionals, the government and the community with tips to enhance these relationships to maximize results. Res has appeared in interviews on CBS, PBS, MSNBC, RNN, NY1 and CNN. She has written extensively about women in construction and her relationship with Donald Trump. She has lectured at NYU School of Continuing Education and the New School. She is the recipient of CCNY’s Prestigious Townsend Harris Medal. Barbara Res is the author of All Alone on the 68th Floor: How One Woman Changed the Face of Construction. A native of New York City, she now resides in Old Tappan New Jersey.

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