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Modern Leadership: Inspiring Success Through Inclusion & Authenticity
When a company’s corporate culture has a bedrock of equality and diversity, they are made for the future. Our world is changing, fast, and is more connected than ever. Gender diversity is expanding. Racial diversity is exploding. No organization can afford to be left in the dust. Simply put, diversity and equality are the number one workplace priorities for young Americans, the largest generation in the workforce. This inspirational, yet practical, talk addresses best practices for leaders to minimize unconscious bias, empower diverse team members, and create a profitable culture of inclusion.

Blurred Lines: How to Reduce Legal Exposure by Navigating the Changing Boundaries of Gender
Our definition and expectations of gender are expanding. The boundaries of acceptable workplace behavior are changing. Does your team know the new “rules”? A comment or a touch may be perceived as innocent by one - but as harassment by another. An offhanded remark towards a transgender or non-binary associate may lead to costly harassment complaints.

This talk was created to address the concerns of all sides of the #MeToo movement. Bernadette will address LGBTQ inclusivity, unconscious bias, and demystify common assumptions and shifting boundaries in the workplace. She delivers humorous, relatable messages with tangible action steps.

Learning Objectives:
Objective 1: Strategies for maintaining professional boundaries to minimize the risk of blurred lines leading to harassment accusations

Objective 2: Learn about the diversity of gender, including best practices in interacting with transgender and non-binary associates

Objective 3: The ARC method of communication, used to gain clarity in any situation, and how to recover from accidentally offending someone and how to speak up if you witness it.


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Bernadette Smith has been an in-demand keynote speaker, thought leader and consultant for years. Her candid and practical, yet humorous, approach has made her popular with diverse business audiences around North America. Simply put, she cuts through the bull yet her timely messages of gender, boundaries, anti-harassment, and diversity and inclusion can be directly tied to a company's improved bottom line.

Bernadette has presented to enthusiastic audiences of CEOs, associations, entrepreneurs, leadership teams, sales professionals, account executives, marketing executives, human resource managers and more.

Bernadette is presently CEO of Equality Institute, a firm dedicated to consulting with businesses on issues of harassment and diversity and inclusion. She holds a BS and an MBA and her expertise has been sought after by the Today Show, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and National Public Radio, among others.

Bernadette started her first company as a wedding planner with an LGBTQ specialty. She and her team worked with hundreds of LGBTQ couples from nearly every state and around the world and she saw couples at their most vulnerable. As a pioneer in this industry, she became the go-to expert on LGBTQ customer service, sales and marketing.

Bernadette is an award-winning author of three books, and her upcoming book Unassuming Assumptions, to be released Fall 2018. She holds a BS in communications from Boston University and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology.

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