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Bruce Christopher

Psychologist, Humorist, Comedy With Content
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WHY ARE WOMEN SO STRANGE & MEN SO WEIRD? How to Communicate Effectively with the Opposite Sex at Work and at Home
At the heart of any business is relationships – between team members, customers, and supervisors. Excellent communicators have better relationships at work and home. They climb the ladder of success more effectively, and achieve greater success. It is no secret that communication runs our lives. This session takes a very hilarious look at how men and women think, speak, and make decisions differently. Turn your audience into great communicators!

ARE WE HAVING FUN, YET? Attitude, Humor, and Peak Performance
In this very humorous session, the audience learns the power of a positive attitude and the secrets only OPTIMISTS know! They will discover how attitude creates success, shapes moods, and is contagious. Great for motivation, dealing with change, stress management, leadership, and personal life attitude adjustments. Very funny, great stories, and excellent content. The most important thing about you is your attitude.

BAMBI VS. GODZILLA: Dealing with Difficult People
Difficult people are everywhere! They can be customers, co-workers, bosses, neighbors, even spouses. This program humorously reveals the six basic difficult personality styles that are out to drain you and your organization of vital energy. You will learn what they do, why they do it, and what you can do about it! Your group will learn how to stay empowered in the face of negative, reactive, and draining people – and laugh while they do it.

What do the super-stars of success know that the rest of us do not? In this fast paced seminar, your group will learn the six essential key ingredients to the science behind success. Why do some people just seem to rise to the top in their field? Why is it that some people have all the luck? You will learn how your E.Q. is more important than your I.Q. and how your attitude is more important than your latitude. Extremely Entertaining and Interactive!

There are three kinds of people: Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that say, "What happened?" Everyone secretly wants to be a mover and shaker, but fear of failure holds many prisoner. This highly interactive session will have the audience literally coming out of their seats by learning to leap from procrastinations and crash through comfort zones. Your group will learn how to make fears disappear, visualize goals, move forward and have fun doing it!

All of Bruce's programs are extremely funny and contain excellent content. Each topic can be formatted as a keynote, half-day, or full day time frame.

Laugh and Learn as did hundreds of the most prestigious companies and conferences in the World.

Experience Comedy with Content!

Why Book Bruce Christopher, M.A., M.A., LP, CSP Certified Speaking Professional?

  • Outrageously funny Psychologist, humorist, and keynote speaker mixing great content with lots of laughter

  • At the heart, what separates Bruce from the pack is his funny dynamic delivery of today’s hot topics while giving real, immediate, and practical strategies for change

  • Reputation and Experience: Bruce has spoken at some of the most prestigious conferences and organizations in the world ranging from hi tech, government, finance, and sales for over 20 years
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    Psychologist and humorist, Bruce Christopher, is America’s foremost “Enter---Trainer” today. He has earned this distinction because of his high-energy style and humorous presentation of his material. He is a licensed psychologist holding degrees in Professional Psychology and Interpersonal Communications from the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas. Bruce has Enter-Trained audiences internationally because of his humorous approach to today’s hot topics which impact our personal, professional and practice lives. He combines excellent content with loads of laughter and contagious comedy.

    He has been honored to speak at the Exclusive Million Dollar Roundtable Conference (three times!), the Royal College of Surgeons in London, the Mayo Clinic, and on the largest stage in the world. His clients include:  American Airlines, American Express, Best Buy, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Boeing, General Electric, IBM, The IRS, Oracle, 3M, Radisson Hotels, State Farm, Texas Instruments, U.S. Navy, U.S. Postal, Wells Fargo and many others.

    Bruce is a credentialed professional speaker and trainer, he is a member of the American Psychological Association, the National Speakers Association, and is a practicing clinical psychologist.  He has earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation (CSP), which is the speaking profession’s highest merited international measure of professional platform competence.  Less than 12 percent of speakers worldwide, currently hold this professional designation. He speaks over 100 times each year and is one of the most sought-after speakers in the Fortune 500 and at the most prestigious medical and dental conventions.

    His mission is: “Laugh ’till you cry...Learn ’till you change!”  “I was expecting a lecture, instead what I saw was more like a stand-up comedy show with great content!”  His best-selling keynotes consistently sell out to standing room only crowds at national conventions.

    When you are faced with morale problems, communication conflicts, customer service issues, managing change, need for teamwork, or just a great time of laughter. . . this Psychologist is in!

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    “You were selected among hundreds of possible speakers and you were sensational.”
    --Million Dollar Round Table

    “The overwhelming response survey of our sales meeting in Nashville. . .’Bring Bruce Back!’”
    --General Electric

    “Bruce was the highest rated speaker we ever had.”

    “I loved it! Excellent use of comedy to communicate the points.”
    --Rocket Dyne

    “Bruce’s seminar was voted both MOST VALUABLE and MOST POPULAR this year.”
    --National Education Association

    “It’s a winner. I guarantee it!”
    --Occidental Chemical

    “You were great and had the audience totally captivated.”
    --Meeting Professionals International

    “Brave! Your seminar was a wild success. . .again!”
    --Texas Instruments

    “People are still talking about your presentation. They loved you!”
    --State Farm Insurance

    “Your presentation was the talk of the week!”
    --Colorado Safety Association

    “Bruce. Thanks for hitting it out of the park. Your message was perfect for our Life Sales Seminar. Thanks for making me look good!!”
    --Life Sales Convention

    "I would say ABSOLUTELY do it- and do it quickly before he gets booked up!"
    --Sheboygan County Dental Society