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Positive Chaos Sizzle Reel
What Happens When You Lean Into Uncertainty
Be Present Not Perfect
Dan Thurmon
Virtual Program
Why Balance Is The Wrong Goal
Positive Chaos 4.0

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What if CHAOS isn’t a bad thing? How can you harness constant change into a force for growth and opportunity? In his new keynote presentation, Dan Thurmon, author of Off Balance On Purpose, teaches how to excel in uncertainty and take confident action right now to create amplified, desirable future outcomes. Gain insights and tools to transform your C.H.A.O.S. from “Challenging, Hectic, Anxious, Overwhelming Stress” into “Challenging, Healthy, Aspirational, Ongoing Symmetry.” Learn to see clear patterns in what now appears random, and take intentional action to shape them for your benefit!
Attendees will be able to:
  • Understand and use the principles of Chaos Theory in order to take more confident action during uncertain times.
  • Identify existing patterns within seemingly random or unpredictable events, or within consistent recurring similar situations and obstacles.
  • Shape those patterns more intentionally to create dramatically better future results.

A common challenge for organizations today is helping their employees bring more energy to work and not only embrace change but see it as an opportunity to lead. Dan Thurmon believes the reason that people struggle with change is they think they have to compartmentalize their life and keep everything in balance. What if we lived Off Balance on Purpose? What if instead of resisting uncertainty, we leaned into it? And what if rather than bringing our “work-self” to the office, we brought 100% of who we are?

In this keynote, Dan excites his audience with an interactive performance while giving them a multi-dimensional view of success. He doesn’t stand Behind a podium and Talk about dealing with fear and change – he does handstands On the podium to Demonstrate what being uncomfortable and living off balance on purpose actually looks like. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

Your people are your organization. When individuals perform well, the organization does too. For organizations to truly thrive, especially with a millennial workforce, they need to provide hands-on opportunities for personal development and create a culture of personal performance.

In this keynote, Dan excites his audience with an interactive performance while giving them a multi-dimensional view of success. He doesn’t stand behind a podium and talk about dealing with fear and change – he does handstands on the podium to demonstrate what being uncomfortable and living off balance on purpose actually looks like. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

It isn’t really possible to “always be at your best because every moment counts” – some moments count much more than others. That’s why it’s more important to be your best When It Matters The Most.

In this keynote, peak performance speaker Dan Thurmon explores the reasons why some individuals fail under pressure, and why others seem to naturally rise to handle critical moments with ease and excellence. This isn’t an innate talent – it’s an ability that can be learned and mastered. Dan calls it “Perform-Ability.”

The key to being able to “perform,” or deliver excellence when it matters the most, is to prepare properly and understand the mindset and methods of top performers. Dan demonstrates these concepts in his signature high-impact style that includes juggling, acrobatics, and even a unicycle. Audiences leave this unforgettable session armed with new tools and the enthusiasm to tackle their biggest challenges.

COVID19 has forced many organizations to face massive change – to be off balance. Energy has suffered, productivity has decreased and team members have felt stuck. During this live, virtual presentation, Dan Thurmon provides a shift in thinking plus strategies to transform the current disruption into your biggest opportunity for growth – to put you back on purpose. He will also teach a very different and effective model for integrating your work and your life so that you can be more fulfilled personally while you succeed professionally.

Coming to you from his broadcasting studio, Dan incorporates different sets for strategic learning – he integrates live stunts, acrobatics and yes knife throwing to enhance your team’s engagement – and he encourages real-time interaction through comments, questions and surveys.

The beauty of this virtual session is that it doesn’t have to fit a specific format. It can be designed for what works BEST for you. Consider Dan’s studio as your playground, your classroom and your virtual world of possibilities where together we create virtual programs that help your team navigate through uncertainty, increase confidence and drive results!


“It was great to have Dan at our leadership conference. He gave an
outstanding keynote – engaging, insightful and fun. He also mingled
with our group both before and after his presentation, connecting
with many of them individually and not showing a rush to leave
when his session ended.”

— Mountain America Credit Union

“It was great, over the top! …Over and over again attendees kept saying how he wove all of the problems, issues and everything else we deal with every day in our line of work into the talk but more importantly how to get through them… I must have heard 100+ times that day ‘best presenter I ever heard’!!!”


“All I have to say about Dan Thurmon is WOW!!!! He was absolutely incredible and a huge hit with our audience! His message was absolutely on target with ours and his acrobatics and juggling sent our folks off from the conference energized and ready to go help their clients. He definitely exceeded our expectations.”

— LPL Financial Services

“Your unforgettable segment was the perfect way to conclude our Forum. You challenged us to use our gifts, and to take action when we have the chance. On behalf of everyone who attended, and all 72,000 members of the Raytheon team, please accept my deepest thanks and very best wishes.”

— Raytheon Company

“Dan was incredible!!!! The managers, staff and Owner Operators couldn’t stop talking the session. I was looking for learning and motivation in an environment that would not be boring .Dan delivered exactly that. The juggling, unicycle, acrobatics and the handstand on the podium were all tied to the learning. It was a home run!”

— McDonalds

“Your presentation was absolutely the highlight of our Leadership Summit!”

— National Association of Realtors

“If you want a WOW moment for your event, Dan certainly delivers on that. He is one of the best speakers I’ve worked with. He pays attention to the pre-conference questionnaire and conversation and uses what you tell him to relate to the audience. Highly entertaining, but more than just entertainment – his message is spot on.”

— Infinex Financial Group

“Dan did a great Job of getting a good message across through engaging the audience. He is entertaining yet thought provoking. His Lean In and Off Balance on Purpose messaging provides insights into making people think differently. It is motivational yet practical. He did a great job!”

— TDS Telecommunications Corp.

“The keynote was the #1 most-attended live session over the two-week virtual conference. It was so popular that audience demand resulted in a special replay of the session during week two.”

— Meeting Expectations
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