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The "Employee Whisperer"

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Heather Younger

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This presentation concerns employees and the role they play in creating organizational success. This presentation is best for attendees with supervisory responsibility. In this candid and insightful presentation, we will walk attendees through the journey of a prospective employee and be intrigued by the stories of their journey after they are hired. Attendees will learn ways that they can improve their employee’s experience within their organizations and have a renewed commitment to their role as leader.

This is an interactive speech that mirrors the 7 Laws found in Heather’s best-selling book, The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty. This is meant for supervisors or above, and or human resources professionals who serve aw the coaches to many in management positions. Attendees can expect to be energized by Heather’s talk about what it takes to create truly loyal and engaged employees.

This talk is for supervisors and above and is full of stories where leaders exhibited great emotional intelligence with their people — and when they did not. The results are staggering! Attendees will understand more about the role of empathy, self awareness, and the role that their verbal and non-verbal communications play in curating a masterful employee experience, or NOT. Attendees will laugh and cringe through what Heather presents as a compelling case for all leaders to take their emotion-al intelligence seriously. For supervisors / managers AND employees:

Ever wondered why communication always seems to be the problem in your workplace, and virtually any other workplace? In this funny and interactive talk, Heather will reveal the keys reasons why organizations often run into communication fumbles and why no one seems to be on the same page. Heather will expect participation in this session and will demonstrate how different communication styles, when paired together, deliver different results and conclusions. Heather will have the audience interacting and create tons of “aha” moments as it relates to the power each of us has to curate meaningful communications in our workplaces.

Most successful people in history had to overcome many barriers to success. From Abraham Lincoln to Walt Disney to Oprah Winfrey. What is the secret ingredient that all of them have? Resilience. Whether they received a ‘No’ 500 times, they experienced extreme levels of abuse or they were penniless, they still decided to move forward and become their best selves. In this talk, Heather will share her personal story of adversity and lay out principles to live by to unleash a positive mindset that drives results. You will be inspired to do the same in your life.

Winston Churchill once said that “Perfection is the enemy of progress”, and this statement still holds true in many of our lives. Heather expands this further by saying, “Perfection is the enemy of innovation, creativity, and success.”

Are you the person who puts off a goal, a challenge, or a conversation because you don’t feel that it is just right? Do you delay presenting an idea to your manager or team, because it just not perfect enough to do so? STOP! When we look at Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey, we find individuals who aren’t afraid to stop at “I did my best” for the sake of perfection.

In this talk, Heather will share her heart-wrenching story of trying to be perfect and realizing that her very best was good enough. You will realize the same too! This talk will challenge your mindset and transform your thinking. Attendees will walk away knowing that their very best is good enough.

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“I was searching for the perfect speaker for a panel on customer success as a culture and not a department. Heather was the perfect match! It was obvious right from the beginning that she had prepared for the session and that she was an expert on the topic. Her passion and desire to engage the audience made that session a great success. As an event organizer, I highly recommend Heather for any conference or event where rave reviews are expected.”

— Conference Organizer

“We were under the gun to find a speaker for our conference who could send our attendees home with an exciting and profound message of innovation and action. Heather Younger of Customer Fanatix was that speaker. She was able to cater to our conference topic while also delivering innovative ways to gauge the voice of the Customer and Employee. I look forward to hosting her as a speaker at our future conferences.”

— Conference Organizer

“Heather was one of the most exciting speakers at the annual Cartepgraph conference. She delivered and impactful message to a packed room that had the entire conference abuzz. She delivered on teaching people how to build employee loyalty in their organizations and the keys to building it. Heather is a dynamic and engaging speaker who commanded the attention of the entire room and left the room wanting more! I would definitely hire her to speak again!”

— Conference Organizer & Speaker

“Heather is a very engaging, relatable, and compelling speaker. Her presentation provided me with great examples and ideas to apply in my organization. I left the room prepared and ready to start applying what I learned!”

— HR Manager & Conference Organizer

“Heather was referred to me from an industry contact who I trust. The Colorado Bankers Association was looking for a keynote speaker at our Annual Women’s Leadership conference. She did not disappoint. Heather energized and inspired our attendees to think differently about their roles as leaders inside and outside of their organizations. Heather really connected with the audience, I recommend her for any event. We will have her back at a future conference!”

— Colorado Bankers Association

“Heather injected high energy and inspiration into TINYcon. She’s polished, professional, and engaging with the audience taking photos of her slides and writing down copious notes. She’s truly one of the leading lights in the field of employee loyalty, and our audience of HR professionals rated her talk extremely highly. I’m looking forward to hearing her speak again.”

— TINYhr
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