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John Sileo

John Sileo

Cyber Security, Identity Theft and Social Engineering Expert
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Spies, Hackers and Online Attackers
Bulletproofing Your Privacy and Profits in the Information Economy

“Think Like a Spy” Crash Course
Aggressive Identity Theft and Fraud Countermeasure

Fraud Jujitsu Bootcamp
Manipulation Defense and Persuasion Preparation

Online Reputation Strategies
Building, Defending and Extending Your Digital Identity

Bulletproof Your Business Against Breach
Extinguishing Unprofitable Privacy and Security Hotspots

The 7 Secrets of Safe Social Networking
Harnessing Social Media without Sacrificing Security

Your Financial Practice as Hero
Leveraging Privacy and Security to Increase Your Profits

Ethical Corporate Espionage
Using Digital Intelligence to Your Competitive Advantage

Why Book John Sileo?

  • John leverages his story of transforming risk into reward to evoke the skills of instinct, inquiry, and initiative that empower his clients to take control of their data exposure.

  • He advises clients on balancing risk, defending privacy and multiplying profits by building a culture of deep trust.

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    John Sileo’s identity was stolen from his business and used to embezzle $300,000 dollars from his clients. While the thief covered his crimes using Sileo’s identity, John and his business were held legally and financially responsible for the felonies committed. The breach destroyed John’s company and consumed two years of his life as he fought to stay out of jail.

    In response, John made it his mission to help others protect the private data that represents their wealth. Now America’s leading keynote speaker on privacy, identity and technology protection, John specializes in making security fun and engaging for audiences so that it works. John’s most requested topics include identity theft prevention, online privacy, social media exposure, mobile technology, social engineering and cyber security.

    John is the award-winning author of many books including Privacy Means Profit (Wiley), the host of Burning Questions Live and has recently appeared on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper and Fox Business.

    John’s satisfied clients include the Department of Defense, Visa, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Homeland Security, University of Massachusetts, the FDIC, Pfizer, NASBA, the Federal Trade Commission, Lincoln Financial, Northrop Grumman, AARP, the Federal Reserve Bank and scores of corporations, universities, and associations of all sizes.

    John is CEO of The Sileo Group, a privacy think tank that helps organizations protect the privacy that drives their profits. He graduated from Harvard University with honors and spends his free time snowshoeing the Rocky Mountains with his remarkable wife and two highly spirited daughters.

    At The Sileo Group, we make cyber security stick, so that it works. We specialize in humorously-interactive keynotes and video series that focus on and inspire the human element of data security, technology & risk. Data theft costs businesses $300B/year, and you don’t have to be one of them.

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    "Your keynote presentation Think Like a Spy: Identity Theft Prevention was particularly well-received and a key reason why the vast majority of attendees expressed that this year's conference was the best and most informative to date. Your personal experiences with identity theft and humorous approach to this serious subject gave attendees a keen insight as to how to prevent identity theft for Service members and families."
    --Department of Defense

    "Your presentation was outstanding! We continue to receive numerous positive comments about your presentation, which our audience found highly inspiring, informative, and fun. As a result of your presentation, we've seen important progress in employees' awareness toward our agency's goal of protecting sensitive personal information from harms, such as identity theft, through increased employee awareness. Your memorable tips for safeguarding data at home will certainly lead to safer data at FDIC."

    "Awesome presentation! Perfect for closing the conference"
    --Blue Cross/Blue Shield

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