Keith  Ferrazzi

Keith Ferrazzi

The World's Foremost Expert in Professional Relationship Development, Best-Selling Author

In-Person Fee Range:
$50,001 - $75,000
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Keith Ferrazzi

The World's Foremost Expert in Professional Relationship Development, Best-Selling Author

In-Person Fee Range:
$50,001 - $75,000
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Why Book

  • #1 New York Times Bestselling author 
  • Recipient of the 2018 Golden Gavel Best Global Speaker Award.
  • Preeminent global thought leader on the future of leadership and teams, and recognized globally as the world’s top team coach.


Meet Keith Ferrazzi, the vibrant force behind the #1 New York Times Bestsellers like “Never Eat Alone,” “Leading Without Authority,” and his groundbreaking work, “Teamship: 10 Shifts to Becoming a Dream Team.”

This illustrious speaker, entrepreneur, and investor is hailed as the premier executive team coach on the global stage. Keith’s genius has revolutionized Fortune 50 companies, unicorns, and even governments, making waves from the boardrooms of the World Bank to the columns of the Harvard Business Review and Forbes.

From Corporate Maverick to Coaching Luminary

Keith Ferrazzi first honed his skills as the Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sales at giants like Deloitte and Starwood Hotels. This foundational experience paved the way for him to become the beacon of team transformation. His entrepreneurial journey led him to establish Ferrazzi Greenlight, a pioneering firm dedicated to team coaching. Additionally, he took the helm at the Greenlight Research Institute, which is at the forefront of team dynamics research.

Why Keith Ferrazzi?

Keith Ferrazzi isn’t just a speaker. He’s a tool to revolutionize your organization’s dynamics. His captivating storytelling, combined with actionable insights, provides an unmatched experience that goes beyond traditional speaking engagements. Whether it’s his thought leadership in Forbes, WSJ, or Fast Company, Keith’s words inspire action and transformation.

Let Keith’s wit, wisdom, and innovative strategies captivate your audience.

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From Leadership to Teamship: 10 Shifts to Unleash Your Team's Potential in the AI Era

In a world where virtual, hybrid, and AI-powered teams are the new norm, success hinges on a radical shift from traditional leadership to teamship. Drawing on over 20 years of coaching observations and a dataset of more than 3,000 diagnostic assessments conducted with Fortune 500 firms, fast-growing unicorns, and other world-leading organizations, best-selling author Keith Ferrazzi presents a groundbreaking approach to organizational performance.

As AI reshapes the business landscape, the teams that will thrive are those who can adapt, innovate, and co-create with both human and AI teammates. This keynote is your guide to making the leap from leadership to teamship and unlocking your team’s full potential in the AI era.

In this transformative keynote, you’ll discover:

  • The power of Co-Elevation behaviors and how they can dramatically improve team performance
  • 10 critical shifts that provide a roadmap for transforming team dynamics in as little as six months
  • High Return Practices for fostering a culture of candor, inclusivity, and purposeful collaboration
  • Strategies for leveraging both human and AI perspectives to drive innovation and bold thinking
  • Insights on building resilience, accountability, and sustained alignment around a shared vision
Teamship: 10 Shifts to Becoming a Dream Team How to Develop a New Social Contract for Teams by Radically Elevating the Collaboration of Teams to Achieve Breakthrough Performance

In an era where virtual and hybrid teams have become permanent fixtures, and now AI is an ever present teammate, the key to success lies in forging a new social contract. This keynote is your guide to unlocking the potential of your teams, fostering a culture of innovation that transcends boundaries and elevates your team’s success.


During this thought-provoking  keynote Keith will:

  • Discuss high return practices that empower exceptional teams to break free from outdated behaviors, fostering lasting and transformative change. 
  • Share insights and strategies needed to propel your team into the future, where high achievement is not just a goal but a tangible reality. 
  • Provide strategic alignment to help individuals understand the broader strategic focus and how their roles and actions contribute to the overall success of the organization.


Leading Without Authority: Empowering Leadership to Unleash Radical Interdependency for Transformative Change

This keynote is a catalyst for a profound shift in perspective and offers a roadmap for catalyzing positive change at every level and breaking down of silos. Ferrazzi challenges the audience to rethink old notions of authority and hierarchy to become a formidable force for change within their respective organizations, irrespective of their role or positional authority. 


Attendees will:

  • Examine the power of Co-Elevation®, an innovative approach to collaboration that dismantles silos, creating teams not just committed to the mission but deeply connected to one another, regardless of the work setting.
  • Unlock the potential to forge meaningful connections with the people they need to co-create the future independent of the org chart.  
  • Embrace change management by helping your teams understand and adapt to the changes at hand from their unique vantage point within the organization. This includes empowering individuals to lead and drive change, even without formal authority


Never Eat Alone: Mastering the Art of Authentic Connection to Drive Revenue

In today’s dynamic and increasingly virtual landscape, professionals navigate the unique challenge of fostering connections through screens and in-person. Yet, amidst the digital divide, the enduring key to sustained revenue growth remains unchanged: the art of cultivating authentic and deeply loyal relationships. 


During this keynote Ferrazzi will delve into the strategies that both transcend virtual barriers, but leverage new technology to empower your teams to proactively forge meaningful connections with clients and prospects alike. 

During this talk you will:

  • Discover how to infuse loyalty building into every interaction, leveraging technology not as a barrier but as a conduit for trust and rapport. 
  • Learn the timeless principles that underscore successful relationship-building, providing you with actionable insights to elevate your business transactions.
Thriving in the New World of Work: Unleashing the Potential of Hybrid, AI and Digital Transformation for your Teams

Only 15% of organization have successfully forged clear innovative paths forward in this perpetually volatile, post-pandemic business landscape. In this keynote, Ferrazzi will empowering you with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, delving into the insights and best practices gleaned from the elite 15% of organizations that have mastered the art of leading teams through change in the ever-evolving world of work.


During this keynote, you will:

  • Gain practical takeaways and recommendations to not only stay competitive but also foster bolder, faster, and more inclusive collaboration within your organization.
  • Learn the secrets of “the new people rules for a virtual workplace”
  • Explore what it truly means to leverage AI and new ways of collaborating to be “world-class hybrid” and a “world-class digitally forward team.” 


Keith Ferrazzi Reviews

“Keith grabs their attention immediately and takes them on a ride where they will leave wanting not only to transform their teams, but transform their lives to be more honest, open and of service to others.”

— The XPRIZE Foundation

“Keith has the rare gift of inspiring you to think deeper, dream bigger and, most importantly, bring more generosity to the people and communities that matter most to you.”

— Patagonia

“I walked away yesterday with a new vigor. This was a real gift.”

— General Motors North America

“Keith facilitates each event so that every guest walks away feeling a little more connected both with themselves and with the industry peer group they are part of.”

— Airbnb

“Keith Ferrazzi did an excellent job presenting to the Colliers International group. He connected with the audience and maintained their undivided attention… His message was very relevant to our audience of commercial real estate brokers. I couldn’t believe how engaged everyone was – I looked around the room and the group was totally focused on his presentation. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and a very nice guy! I would highly recommend him for any group. He was by far the best keynote presenter we’ve had in the past 5 years and probably in the top-two of the best of all time for this Annual Sales Conference.”

— Colliers International

“Keith’s animated style and ability to mix stories and humor with nuggets gleaned about AmerisourceBergen helped our team truly understand the importance of relationships to our success. Keith drove home the message that our success on this program, as team members in general, and ultimately in life is largely dependent on being there for one another – Having Each Other’s Back. All of us walked away better for the experience, with an actionable template that will make us more successful.”

— AmerisourceBergen


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