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Ross Shafer

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This can be a Keynote – a Workshop – a 90-day Culture Shifting program

When teams are happy and fulfilled, your patients (and customers) score you higher on the loyalty scale. So, with constant social media distractions, how do we reverse self-absorbed behavior? We designed a habit-changing program that is focused on team member development. By coaching team members how they can benefit from being Other-Focused, they can “crack the code” to get what they want from life. They feel more appreciated. They create and sustain better personal and co-worker relationships. They get invited to more special events. They even get more likes and comments on social media.


  • How to gauge team member engagement and pinpoint specific behaviors that will benefit them personally and professionally
  • How to manage these specific behaviors so that peers are held accountable and are able to track their Other-FocusedTM Scores
  • How to become a Certified Other-Focused Professional; which is highly valued by every employer
  • How to inspire ongoing improvement through a simple and fun pre-built “leader board” metric
  • This is a fun, motivational, and insightful opening or closing keynote.

    If you no longer matter to your customers and clients, they will leave you and race to your competitors. Relevance is a moving target. In this program you will learn how to create a culture that is able to adapt and evolve with new industry trends; as well as realign your go-to-market tactics to best serve your customer’s shifting buying habits.


  • How to harvest an endless trove of innovative ideas (even when you’re not feeling creative).
  • How to find (and respond to) competitors hiding in your blind spots
  • How to inspire world-class expertise
  • Cementing Relationships. How to create instant rapport with clients, vendors, and coworkers
  • This program is about fighting off complacency. If you are a legacy organization and you’re starting to feel like complacency is creeping in, you will be interested to learn the guerrilla tactics of young startups. You’ll learn how startups fearlessly defy convention…and why you should too.


  • How to cure creeping complacency…(and how to regain your “mojo.”)
  • Lessons you can learn from the Startup mentality
  • Why you should break the bonds of perfection and launch your ideas faster
  • (How to Advance Your Career)

    This program is about taking initiative. Too often our team members stall their own growth until they get validation and encouragement from their leaders. This program will inspire you team members to take charge of their own assignments…when nobody is around to guide them. They will learn to be accountable and responsible to and for…themselves.


  • How to create a No Blame, No Excuses culture of accountability
  • Why it’s crucial to take personal responsibility for your own success
  • How to ‘ramp up’ your resilience
  • How to set yourself (and your company) apart from the competition The Ultimate EMCEE & Keynote Speaker
  • Ross Shafer is frequently asked if he can be interactive with your audience. The answer is a resounding YES. His style is to engage the audience at several points during his keynote. He often likes to present “from the floor” so that he can ask questions of your audience members. During a breakout session, Ross is on the floor at all times; bouncing between audience members. The video will give you an idea of how he does that…and what can happen…even when unexpected events crop up.

    : Ross hosts a select number of multi-day events for his high-end clients each year. Because Ross is a trained talk and game show host (helmed over 1,000 network broadcasts) he is the perfect choice for moderating your executive panel discussions and complex award banquets. Ross will keep the programs lively and on task; drawing on his vast experience and lightening wit to navigate (and rescue) even the most unpredictable situations.

    Ross is adept at handling back-to-back breakout sessions that may feature a myriad of presenters. He has hosted such luminaries as President George Herbert Walker Bush, Jack Welch, Colin Powell, Bob Dole, James Carville, Larry Bossidy, Tom Peters, Marcus Buckingham, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, to name a few. Since many high profile presenters are more comfortable being interviewed by a “pro,” Ross is able to show the utmost respect from the opening introduction throughout the Q & A – yet he doesn’t shy away from the probing questions your people want answered.

    Finally, Ross is a popular favorite for hosting custom game shows. Not only do these formats lend themselves to imparting important training information about your company (in a fun way), they also encourage participation of the entire audience. Ask us how Ross and his game partners at (Game Show America) can create a custom “TV” show for you.


    “Don’t bother looking for anyone else! If you can book Ross, then book him!”

    — Open Lending, LLC

    “Ross did a tremendous job for us this year… we were very pleased with Ross and he was very polite and accommodating toward us.”

    — Summit Pet Product Distributors, Inc.

    “As evidence from the outstanding feedback from your session, our affiliates benefited tremendously from your session. Thank you for the knowledge and expertise you shared with fellow members of the organization. We appreciate your continued support.”

    — RE/MAX International

    “You were the hit of our convention. I had many of our members approach me after your presentation saying that you were the best speaker they had ever seen at a Carpet One event. After 33 conventions and dozens of world class speakers, that is quite a compliment. We thoroughly enjoyed having you and are extremely appreciative of your insight and your contributions to our members.”

    — Carpet One Floor & Home

    “I can’t express enough the positive impact Ross had on the group today. His presentation was outstanding! His unique ability to deliver such a dynamic message in that casual manner it truly unbelievable. Our CEO commented to me that it was the right message for the times we’re in.”

    — Hyundai
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