Scott Greenberg

Scott Greenberg

Former Award-Wining Edible Arrangements Franchisee, Top Corporate and Franchise Speaker on High-Performance Mindset and Great Customer Service
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THE NEXT-LEVEL FRANCHISE: Game-Changing Steps to Grow Your Business and Become a Wealthier (and Healthier) Franchisee

KEYNOTE FOCUS: Business Growth, Mindset, Motivation, Peak Performance

Are you hungry for ideas that will take your business to the NEXT LEVEL?

Get ready to achieve breakthrough performance and growth! In Scott’s signature and most-requested keynote, he will share with you how to transform your business from average to extraordinary. Scott helps franchisees think, lead and serve at a higher level. With over 10 years as an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee and coach for countless brands, he will show you HOW top franchisees achieve consistent, profitable results (beyond doing more marketing and finding better employees).

Get out of your head and get into your business so you can:

  • Increase productivity, efficiency and streamline operations
  • Build MORE WEALTH from the operation you already have
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy and less emotion
  • Inspire employees and delight customers
  • Reduce stress, maintain a healthier lifestyle and have more fun running your business


    KEYNOTE FOCUS: Customer Service, Customer Loyalty, Sales, Competition, Mindset

    Do you want more transactions and bigger tickets? Do you want to outperform your competition without having to out-advertise them? Are you ready to turn your customers into raving fans? When you focus less on what customers spend and more on how customers feel, EVERY transaction will become a marketing opportunity; make them feel great and they’ll do your marketing for you. If you’re ready to learn how TOP business owners stay in the winner’s circle, this presentation is for you. Scott gives you powerful tools to create a service culture that grows loyalty and word of mouth, and translates success into bigger ticket sales. He’ll show you how to replace robotic customer service practices with NEXT-LEVEL experiences that ensure customers remember you, talk about you and can’t wait to come back.

    Discover Scott’s field-tested and award-winning approach that will help you:

  • Deliver a customer service experience that distinguishes you from the competition
  • Make EVERY transaction a marketing opportunity that brings customers back
  • Optimize your digital footprint by improving your online ratings and reviews
  • Increase ticket average, customer frequency and word-of-mouth advertising
  • Apply the “Above/Below Effect” so you can not only build your brand, but improve your reputation


    KEYNOTE FOCUS: Business Growth, Leadership, Mindset, Motivation, Peak Performance

    Why do some people get better results than others? Some blame circumstances like the economy, competition or innate talent – factors we don’t control. Others believe it’s strategy and sweat. But plenty of people are working hard under favorable conditions with little to show for it.

    The real differentiator is something less tangible, but most critical. It’s the one characteristic that great leaders, top salespeople and champion athletes all have in common. It’s what gives them their edge. That factor is their mindset.

    Nothing influences our external results more than the way we manage our internal thoughts. Mental discipline helps us see opportunities and influence others. It allows us to cultivate better relationships and solve problems. When we think better, we work better. And that’s when we get results.

    This program will help you replicate the mental strategies NEXT-LEVEL leaders use to get ahead. You’ll learn to overcome the most common mental blockers and refocus on the work that matters most. Obtain practical ideas for elevating your personal and professional performance, and lead others to do the same.

    Learning Outcomes:

  • Build more confidence & resilience
  • Overcome mental blockers and reduce stress
  • Navigate more effectively through change and adversity
  • Make smarter business decisions with more strategy and less emotion
  • Elevate the individual and group performance of your team


    KEYNOTE FOCUS: Leadership, Employee Retention, Team Building, Corporate Culture

    Do you want to create an environment of continuous personal, professional and organizational growth?

    It’s time to tap into NEXT-LEVEL management strategies top leaders use to expand their business from the inside out! Scott’s counterintuitive approach to building high-performing teams isn’t about how to assemble a functional staff, but how to build a superstar CULTURE. In Scott’s high-energy presentation, you’ll learn how to inspire employees to run your business so you can focus on GROWING your business.

    Discover Scott’s powerful approach to:

  • Create high-performing teams that collaborate, WOW customers, and improve company culture
  • Become a talent magnet without increasing labor costs
  • Retain employees who solve problems instead of creating them
  • Spend less time recruiting and more time growing your franchise
  • Enjoy the PEACE OF MIND knowing your business is in good hands

    THE COACHING CURE™ What Every Manager Needs to Know to Retain Employees, Coach Them to Greatness and Keep them Engaged

    WORKSHOP FOCUS: Team Building, Leadership, Cultural Transformation, Employee Engagement

    Do you want to spend more time growing your business and less time putting out fires? Do you want to build employee skills without losing their enthusiasm? Are you ready to go from “My employees don’t care” to “I couldn’t do it without them”? Discover Scott’s proven, field-tested system that has managersraving! Rooted in real-world experience, this simple coaching system allows managers to quickly diagnose an employee’s needs and prescribe the best coaching method. Whether you’re a CEO or Shift Lead, if you manage other people, The Coaching Cure will make your life a whole lot easier and their work a whole lot better.

    A fantastic follow-up workshop to any of Scott’s keynotes…

    Get ready to see immediate, powerful results that will:

  • Empower your managers with simple, proven steps to engage and INSPIRE their employees
  • Create a common language among management for evaluating employee performance
  • Ensure top employees stay great, feel challenged and elevate others
  • Re-engage employees who may be bored, burnt out or slipping
  • Transform your employees into leaders who will help you grow your business
  • Why Book Scott Greenberg?

  • Scott is an award-winning Edible Arrangements franchisee: winning the “Best Customers Service” and “Manager of the Year” awards out of more than 1,000 franchises worldwide.
  • Scott is the top corporate franchise keynote speaker. He’s has spoken in US and internationally to corporate groups, franchises, and educational institutions on: Leadership, resilience/overcoming adversity/adapting to change, team building, employee engagement, and customer service.
  • Scott brings his real-world experience (Edible Arrangements, and beating cancer) to lend credibility to his High-Performance Mindset message. He provides content, humor and encourages audience interaction.
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    Looking to grow your business? Improve you teamwork? Increase your sales?
 Getting better at anything takes more than a strong skill set; it also requires the optimal mindset. Scott Greenberg helps leaders and their teams develop both.

    For over 20 years, Scott has captivated audiences with his high-energy presentations on leadership and peak performance mindset. His diverse client list includes Nike, Amgen, Merrill Lynch, the Wyndham Hotel Group, the U.S. Air Force and countless other businesses and associations. He's presented in all 50 U.S. states, as well as in Canada, Ecuador, Jamaica, Aruba, Croatia and Saudi Arabia.

    In 2005, Scott built his first of two "Edible Arrangements" franchises in Los Angeles. Applying the principles he discusses on stage, his company won the Edible Arrangements "Best Customer Service" and "Manager of the Year" awards out of more than 1000 franchisees worldwide.

    Scott received his bachelor's degree from UCLA in 1992 and was awarded a scholarship to attend graduate film school at New York University. He was diagnosed with cancer after only one semester and returned to California for treatment. After successfully beating the disease, he celebrated by running the Los Angeles Marathon to raise money for cancer research. Scott currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids.


    Elements of Scott's Presentation that he Shares from Running two Award-Winning Edible Arrangements Franchises

    LeadershipA leader’s primary job is to bring out the best in those they lead. It’s not enough to train and belt out orders. To maximize their performance, you must help them identify and overcome their mental blockers. Then you must refocus them on the organization, its mission and those they’re trying to serve.

    Resilience/Overcoming Adversity/Adapting to Change: Scott dives into the mental side of adversity, with lot of personal stories, humor and tips for adapting and finding inner strength. He helps attendees work through tough times, which involves strategy, but also learning to let go and manage your head.

    Building Teams & Engaging Employees: Scott focuses on the mindset of culture. Some teams have behaviors and habits that strengthen the group and promote collaboration, while others are dysfunctional. A great team is not something you achieve. It’s something you cultivate and maintain. Depending on whether it’s a keynote or breakout session, Scott talks about good hiring, training, motivating and teambuilding. He shares how great employee engagement helped his Edible Arrangements franchise succeed. 

    Customer Service: Customers want a meaningful, unique experience with emotional resonance. To achieve this, you can’t just implement policies. That’s when customer service become impersonal and robotic. You must instead hire right and instill in your team a service philosophy (mindset) that’s all about human connection. 

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    "Scott is a very energetic speaker, keeping our team very engaged, with relevant and inspiring content. Our team got a lot out of his speech, and in addition, his coaching classes he hosted post speech. He was a true professional to work with and a pleasure to host. We would absolutely recommend him to any franchise team looking to level UP!"
    --Security 101

    "Scott was very personable and easy to talk to. He listened to our needs and presented a meaningful presentation. He was a dynamic, powerful speaker that kept the audience interested and engaged. He is definitely worth the investment. We are glad we chose him. Thank you Scott!"
    --American Fruits & Flavors

    "The response was phenomenal! Scott was both entertaining and informational... In a post conference survey, Scott received the highest rating of the day, a 5 rating out of 5."
    --Global Franchise Group

    “Scott Greenberg’s message really set the tone for our meeting — it resonated with our franchisees and tied directly into our CEO’s presentation, which was fantastic! Scott built a highly customized presentation for our event and referenced real world examples specific to our franchise system, which everyone loved. Even following our convention, we continue to hear our groups speaking of how a “High Performance Mindset” helps them to better achieve their goals."
    --Buffalo Wings & Rings

    “People really appreciated Scott and what he had to share. Franchisee owners really appreciated his perspective. From a one to five I would rate him a 5+.”

    “Your presentation was right on target for our company and it really spoke directly to the challenges we and our franchisees are encountering… Your highly customized presentation made everyone feel that you were fully invested with us and truly understood who we are.”
    --Lenny’s Franchise System

    “He really did his homework to understand our brand. Scott was able to connect to the franchisees at a deep level, and brought the kind of third party credibility that we needed to inspire everyone...Scott was a an absolute ‘10 out of 10’!”
    --Honey Dew Donuts

    “I was shocked by the amount of employees
who came up to me to thank me for hiring you.
You have undoubtedly helped EDI Express
to become a better company.”
    --EDI Express

    “From start to finish, your presentation was a great combination of sentiment, humor and motivation. You were extremely personable and your interaction with the crowd really put all of us at ease… Your session was very heartfelt and unlike any other I’ve attended before, and I would immediately recommend you to any colleague of mine.”

    “Your speech integrated perfectly main topics at the conference...your speech was inspirational and delivered with such heart and purpose that it really drove home the key messages we had asked you to deliver.”
    --Allstate Insurance

    "I was onsite for Scott’s presentation. He was phenomenal! He spent time with our attendees at our welcome reception, he interviewed our program committee, he spent some time chatting with opening session sponsor. His talk was engaging and funny. Our attendees are still talking about how wonderful his presentation was. We even had one of our executive level attendees say Scott was the best keynote ICE has booked, but also the best keynote he’s ever seen. A big thank you to Scott and the Eagles Talent team."
    --SmithBucklin for Institute for Credentialing Excellence

    “Scott did an excellent job customizing his presentation for our audience. He genuinely wanted to understand our business, as well as challenges our leaders are faced with. He was open to meeting several times to discuss his presentation, and very open to feedback on changes we requested he made. He nailed the presentation and our group loved him!”
    --Principal Financial Group