Shama  Hyder

Shama Hyder

CEO of Zen Media

In-Person Fee Range:
$20,001 - $30,000
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2023 Speaker Reel
Shama Hyder – Reel
Shama Hyder – Social Media Marketing Expert
5 Ways To Engage Your Prospects And Team Remotely
How To Innovate During A Crisis

Shama Hyder

CEO of Zen Media

In-Person Fee Range:
$20,001 - $30,000
Traveling from:

Why Book

  • Shama is a trailblazing, award-winning entrepreneur who has built a global audience and is known for helping brands succeed in the digital age.
  • Shama can guide your digital marketing strategy through uncharted waters, but even better, she can teach you to do it yourself.
  • She will help the audience understand the role technology will play in the (very) near future and how it will impact how you communicate, sell, engage, and grow.


Shama Hyder is a visionary strategist for the digital age, a web and TV personality, a bestselling author, and the award-winning CEO of Zen Media – a global marketing and digital PR firm. She has been named the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Shama has also been honored at both the White House and The United Nations as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the country.

Shama is the bestselling author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing, now in its 4th edition and Momentum: How to Propel Your Marketing and Transform Your Brand in the Digital Age. An acclaimed keynote speaker, Shama has delivered keynotes in over 20 countries and spoken for recognized brands including Movado, Chase, Tupperware and Inc 5000.

As a result of her success, Shama has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award. She was named one of the “Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25” by Business Week in 2009, one of the “Top 30 Under 30” Entrepreneurs in America in 2014 by Inc. Magazine, and to the Forbes “30 Under 30” list of movers and shakers for 2015. LinkedIn has named Hyder one of their “Top Voices” in Marketing & Social Media for three years in a row. Her online videos were awarded the “Hermes Gold award for Educational Programming in Electronic Media” and most recently she was given the “Global Empowerment award for Marketing and Technology” by Anokhi Media.

As the CEO of Zen Media, she and her team help both B2B and B2C brands to make meaningful connections with the modern-day customer via influencer marketing, experiential and digital storytelling — and then turning those into bottom line results. Notable clients include Chase Business, The US Navy, DFW Airport, MaryKay, and Tupperware.

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THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS: Understanding Trends Today That Will Help You Win Tomorrow

The modern buyer has drastically changed. Add to this the avalanche of technology, customer expectations, and dark social, and you have a brand-new business ecosystem. How do you become a market leader when you don’t control the outcome or the process? This is your chance to understand how the future of business is evolving, and how it will impact how you communicate, sell, engage, and grow. Armed with this new understanding, your organization will be well-poised to embrace this brave new world.

Key points in this program:

  • Discover the trifecta that has changed business forever
  • Understand how evolving customer expectations have changed the playing field
  • Learn how technology (automation, AI, social networks, etc.) will change the landscape of business and communications
  • Uncover how your competitive landscape is dramatically different than you thought
  • Discover innovative tools you had no idea existed, and case studies of brands utilizing them successfully
MOMENTUM: How to 10X Your Business and Brand in the Digital Age

Whether you’re big or small, B2B or B2C, today’s digital landscape is constantly changing — and news travels at the speed of a social media post. There is a cacophony of platforms, messages, and choices, making it difficult to create the momentum you need to compete in today’s noisy marketplace. How do you consistently engage your audience? How do you figure out the “HOW, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY” in a way that aligns with your goals? How do you become known as a trusted, market leader? Marketing in today’s digital age has become overwhelmingly complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Based on the principles from Shama’s bestselling book, this keynote provides the steps required to 10x your brand and business.

Key points in this program:

  • How to 10X your ROI by making small tweaks
  • Key principles to transform your current approach into an effective, struggle-free, ROI-driven strategy
  • What exactly to stop doing that’s wasting your resources – and where to focus instead
  • How to reach a greater audience than ever before with half the effort
  • Attract more customers, increase referrals, and be recognized as a leader in your field
CLOSE BEFORE YOU CONVINCE: How to Sell in the Digital Age

When it comes to digital selling, there’s a massive shift happening: a vast majority of consumers are making a buying decision before they ever contact a salesperson. Furthermore, today’s research shows that digital self-serve and remote rep interactions are likely to be the dominant elements of any sales process moving forward. Here’s the reality: the majority of buyers today have already decided which company they want to do business with before they ever speak to a salesperson. This means that before they ever reach out or connect with you, prospects already have formed a solid impression of your company. Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of any business, and there’s still tremendous opportunity to capture new clients. (After this keynote, you will never sell the same way again!)

Key points in this program:

  • The three things that will out-perform your competition every time
  • Why loyalty is a lie and what you should focus on instead
  • The great data delusion and how it’s keeping you from success
  • A key strategy that will increase traffic, leads, and sales
  • How to leverage video content to connect with customers, land referrals, and close new deals
  • Lower cost per acquisition and cut your sales cycle in half, all while learning the metric that matters more than ROI
THE DIGITAL YOU: Leadership and Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Today’s leaders are being called to a new standard: the digital one. With so many options for creating a personal brand online — from social media profiles to virtual networking opportunities — it’s more important than ever to assert your influence through the right channels. This might seem easier said than done. After all, how do business owners and corporate leaders know which technologies to use to connect more deeply with their audience, grow their brand, and create a greater impact? Rather than running from technology, leaders can embrace these new opportunities, and learn to leverage technology to engage, influence, sell, and lead. After this keynote, you will understand what’s required to build a compelling platform, how to make your voice heard, and how to influence those who matter most.

Key points in this program:

  • Learn the five principles for building a compelling personal brand and finding your role in the digital landscape
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader across audiences — with customers, employees, and stakeholders alike
  • Generate better results from your leadership efforts as a result of growing your platform
  • Attract and retain your best talent as a direct result of your thought leadership
  • Be invited to the right proverbial deal tables more often

Shama Hyder Reviews

“Shama is a true pro. She gave the keynote at our agency kick-off event this year exceeding our (already high) expectations with a fully tailored address coupled with her team player attitude. She’s a joy to work with and we highly recommend her.”

— Provokers Latin America

“Shama was the highlight of our event as the closing keynote speaker! She understood our audience and delivered great value. Not only that, she’s smart, clearly spoken, professional, funny, and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”

— Prudential

“Shama’s enthusiasm, cheery personality, and desire to truly help others made her one of the hits of the Aloha Summit. If we can, we’d be delighted to have her back again as a speaker.”

— The Aloha Social Media Summit

“Shama was very professional and did a great job of connecting with the audience. She knew her topic well and was very well-received.”

— Ashford University

“Ms. Hyder was our highest rated speaker -and we have had some very impressive speakers.”

— Leadership Summit

“We were honored to have Shama grace our stage at the Inc GrowCo Conference. Her session was one of the highest rated of the conference. In fact, one of our attendees called it “by far the most informative session of the conference!” Thanks again for delivering great value to our audience.”

— Inc. Media


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