Todd Buchholz

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Economics Expert, From the White House to Wall Street

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Todd Buchholz – Business Speaker

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AI is disrupting the way we do business, even faster than the Internet, the PC, and television did in past decades. Former White House Director of Economic Policy Todd Buchholz, author of Market Shock and New Ideas from Dead CEOs, tackles the startling implications of AI technology — when to harness it, and how to discern hype. As finance, tech, and industrial firms like Morgan Stanley, Apple, and Tesla rush to file patents, Todd explains where the AI revolution is going and how AI will impact inflation, oil prices, and interest rates. A former managing director of the legendary Tiger hedge fund, Todd’s writing on technology and the economy have been praised in the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, and he has been featured on media programs from ABC to the BBC.  Organizations like the Pentagon and Goldman Sachs have placed Todd’s works on their recommended reading lists, and Todd has delivered provocative and insightful keynotes before the world’s leading companies, and audiences at Stanford, Harvard, and Cambridge, among others.

·       Discover how to harness AI to lower costs and expand markets

·       Pinpoint how AI will change financial markets, disrupting inflation and interest rate expectations

·       Reveal how AI will overhaul the job market, creating vast new opportunities, while also requiring retraining

·       Decode when AI is used effectively versus when it’s used merely to hype

  • Discover how demographics, technology, and globalization are reshaping the economy and our future
  • Pinpoint the signs of stock market rallies, and the warning signs of slumps
  • Identify the political pressures on trade, debt, and interest rates from the U.S. to the E.U. to China

Todd unlocks the 4 strategies that keep businesses prospering when they hit an unexpected crisis. Ninety percent of the Fortune 500 list from 1955 are gone. What can you learn from the survivors? Tap into Todd’s frontline experience as White House director of economic policy and managing director of the Tiger investment fund, to get your business growing now.

  • Find out how companies like Disney, Johnson & Johnson, and Audi bounced back from near-fatal hits to their bottom line
  • Discover whether your company should invoke the “Clean Sweep” or “Big Bet” strategy to win back customers
  • Learn whether the economy will bounce back with a V-shaped, U-shaped, or W-shaped recovery, and how to adjust
  • Position your company to be, not just a survivor but a beneficiary of the economic rebound ahead
  • Target the customers and entities that can spend the most—soon
  • Learn how the “scissors economy” cuts costs while creating new opportunities
  • Explore the ways to build customer loyalty even when facing unforeseen competition
  • Find out which countries offer the best opportunities for investment and expansion
  • Explore how generational differences impact your workplace and your customers
  • See how psychology shapes financial and customer choices
  • Learn the three words that most excite your employees, investors, and clients
  • Take a world tour to the “hot spots” that are on the cusp of economic and political change
  • Understand how presidents and prime ministers  — from Washington to Beijing — make crucial decisions
  • Learn how globalization has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty, while sparking protests about Brexit, NAFTA, and NATO.
  • Discover the entrepreneurial secrets that launched McDonalds, Sony, Estee Lauder, and Apple.
  • Find out why Ray Kroc, Steve Jobs, and Sam Walton conquered their competition
  • Apply the brilliant and motivational lessons of the greatest CEOs to your business today
  • Examine whether now is the best time to lock in financing and where  around the globe are the best opportunities


“Todd Buchholz was just amazing. His energy, effervescence and educational material was just what we needed to kick-off the Reinsurance Conference. He kept the audience wide-eyed for 30 minutes straight. Todd never used a single note and jam-packed us with information. I likened him to un-corking a bottle of champagne and letting the good times roll. Todd was a fountain of insightful information. All that from an economist!”

— PricewaterhouseCoopers

“I just can’t say enough about Todd. He did a fantastic job! Our audience really enjoyed his informative, realistic and very witty presentation. I am still receiving praise from attendees. One even stated, ‘This was the first time in my life I ever went to anything like that and was sorry when it was over!’ Thanks again for delivering a wonderful speaker for our Growing Global program.”

— World Trade Center Saint Louis

“Thanks again…The feedback we received regarding your presentation was very positive.”

— The Americas Lodging Investment Summit

“One of the 21 Top Speakers for the 21st Century.”

— Successful Meetings Magazine

“Buchholz knows his stuff.”

— The New York Times

“Buchholz lights up economics with a wickedly sparkling wit.”

— Associated Press

“Todd Buchholz is a man worth listening to – here is the opportunity.”

— Tiger Management, LLC

“Buchholz is a shrewd observer…”

— PBS Nightly Business Report

“I honestly can not say enough good things. Todd stole the show and people raved about him.”

— IMB DB2 Information Management Software
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