A Unique Approach to “WFH” With CPA/Yogi, Amy Vetter

Posted by Stephanie Guida

With COVID-19 here to stay indefinitely, working from home has become the new norm for companies throughout the country. Companies like Microsoft, Twitter, and Google have even decided that once the pandemic is over, they will continue to work from home. While there are quite a few pros to working from your bedroom, this new “WFH” culture comes with cons as well. People who are used to interacting with their colleagues on a day-to-day basis can now go days at a time without speaking to certain co-workers. For some, it has become difficult to differentiate work time from down time which has caused people to become stressed out, overworked, and run down.

Technology innovation expert, CPA, and yogi Amy Vetter wants to help your team. Amy’s experience as a CPA as well as in yoga makes her the perfect person to help you find your balance. For years, Amy has been inspiring professionals to live more fulfilled and engaged lives. She inspires audiences to identify their purpose in life and align it with the work they do. Amy has always been committed to helping audiences achieve happiness by overcoming unhealthy work habits and reduce reliance on technology to better connect with those around them.

Due to limited in-person events for the foreseeable future, Amy has created a virtual “Mindfulness Series.” The series typically starts with an one-hour kickoff followed by a series of bimonthly, 30 minute-1 hour lunch and learns. Amy’s one hour kickoffs focus on a variety of topics including practicing mindfulness in the workplace, staying connected and productive while working from home, and embracing technology to create lasting human connections. The lunch and learns focus on topics such as being present and productive, time management, techniques to help alleviate stress, and learning how to be authentic and true to yourself. Amy will enhance any virtual presentation by adding virtual meditation or yoga via Zoom from her personal yoga studio. In addition to traditional yoga, Amy also offers a “DJ Yoga party session.” This makes for a more high energy and fun experience that the whole group can enjoy. Amy’s virtual “Mindfulness Series” is an interactive and memorable activity for your whole group.

Is your team looking to make better connections with each other while still working remote? Do you need help separating work time from down time? Amy Vetter’s “Mindfulness Series” will teach you how to approach your new WFH lifestyle in a unique and productive way.

While Amy’s virtual “Mindfulness Series” is a new and fun program she is offering, she is also still available for in-person and virtual keynotes. Through the B3 Method®, Amy will help to inspire you to live a more fulfilled and engaged life. Book Amy Vetter today to learn how you can get connected.

Posted by Stephanie Guida

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