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Do you find yourself distracted at work and at home? Do you fear that you are not working to your full potential with your team or as a leader because of workplace misunderstandings? Are you empathetic as a leader and seek to understand others’ perspectives? In this session, we will take a deep dive into understanding where we are off balance in our lives — both at work and home — and how this affects the experience we create with others.
Many of us can feel that we are technically up to speed in what we do; however, we are not living up to our full potential as a leader or co-worker because we lack the skills to mindfully interact with one another. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what is happening around us and finding common ground with those we work with and care about so we can create better results in business and life. Gaining a better understanding and identifying where we are off balance internally can help us show up better for those around us, be a more successful leader and feel more engaged as an employee.
Attendees will:
-Deep dive into understanding where we are off balance in our lives both at work and home.
-Learn how our energy affects the experience we create for others and our effectiveness in the workplace.
-Understand how to improve employee engagement and well being.
-Learn a couple quick and easy meditation practices for mindfulness is the office.

Learn how to kindle the spark you desire for your career and business by aligning your authentic self and inner talents with the work you do. Gain the inspiration and tools to create your own sense of work-life harmony, cultivate greater human connection with your customers, teams and colleagues, and practice mindfulness at work— both online and offline— for greater focus and productivity.

Do you notice that you receive similar feedback in each job you have, with each boss you report to, and with family and friends? It is rare for us to step back and take time to reflect on ourselves and explore the reasons why certain patterns show up in our lives. By embarking on this journey, you will learn actionable steps to break those habits, create more compassion for yourself and others, be more mindful as a leader, and improve your communication in order to better connect to the power within you to design the life you desire.

Creating a supportive network of women can be one of the most important ingredients for career success. Learn how to create and nurture a supportive women’s network, the power of bringing other women along on your career journey, and how to be more mindful in supporting women who inspire you.

Embracing technology, such as cloud technology, arti cial intelligence, and machine learning, will not isolate people or make us irrelevant as some fear. Instead, when used correctly and ethically, technology can empower leaders and employees to create stronger business relationships. Learn how to leverage technology to tap back into your purpose and creativity, become more mindful and empathetic as leaders and communicators, and create a greater sense of work-life harmony.

With technology’s gift of more time, we can di erentiate our services by learning how to improve our communication and analytical skills. When we clearly communicate the meaning of information and data in a way that helps our organization succeed and thrive, we can earn a seat at the table when decisions are being made, rather than nding out after the fact. Becoming a Cherished Advisor means that you are considered a strategic partner that your company highly values and can’t imagine living without.

Increase your company, event or association’s brand in a personal, authentic way by sponsoring and having Amy interview your CEO or President on her podcast “Breaking Beliefs.” This podcast takes listeners on a journey of self exploration to better understand the internal beliefs that create unwanted patterns and habits in their lives and prevent them from achieving what they want most. Amy interviews business leaders to hear how they have overcome negative thought-patterns and habits to achieve their goals in business and life. Interviews will be promoted to ​Amy’s 22k+ followers.

Amy can enhance any virtual session with yoga and meditation for an interactive and memorable activity. ​In addition to traditional yoga, Amy

offers a ​DJ Yoga party session​ for a higher energy, unique experience.​ She teaches via Zoom in her yoga studio, which is equipped with the highest quality video-streaming equipment. As a unique offering to your attendees, Amy can also offer a one-week free virtual yoga subscription to her yoga studio, ​Drishtiq Yoga​.

Amy can facilitate a live, virtual mastermind or Q&A after your event to continue to inspire and guide your attendees to meet their goals after your event is over. The focus can be on various topics, including but not limited to: mindfulness, leadership, technology, employee engagement, personal & career development, and business growth.

The B3​ M​ethod Institute​ is an online learning platform that creates an actionable way for your audience to continue implementing what they’ve learned on how to improve their career and life after the event is over. You can watch an interview by Amy on how it works ​here​.

Your attendees who subscribe to the B​ Method Institute will receive:

●  A new piece of 5-10 minute learning content and exercises to implement into their lives each week to improve their work and personal life.
●  Guided meditation videos.
●  They will be invited to join at least one live webcast each month that is exclusive to subscribed members of the Institute.
●  Members will be invited to join a private B​ Method Institute Facebook group where they can discuss each week’s learning content, share how they are doing to integrate it into their lives, and hold each other accountable in achieving their individual goals to transform their careers and lives.


“Our firm hired Amy to speak at our annual staff retreat this year. Her team made the planning process seamless. Her presentation brought a unique perspective that sparked engaging conversations and fresh ideas which we are working to implement in our firm. Her unique experience with accounting and technology provides such valuable input for firms looking to grow and expand in the next generation. I believe her content and perspective would be valuable to any business looking to inspire their employees and implement positive change.”

— Faulk & Winkler LLC

“Our staff member, Bekah, did the #30DayChallenge and took it even farther! She went for #100Days of walking. She was inspired by Cindy who was inspired by Amy Vetter”.”

— BBBooks Inc.

“Thank you so much for speaking today! I can’t wait to read the book. Your life story was very moving! As a Type A personality who also had a rough childhood and enjoys creativity this was a great perspective to hear and see lived out! We didn’t have much money growing up either. My dad was an alcoholic who beat my mom and she worked three jobs to take care of my sister and I. I’ve always focused on safe position in management to keep financial stability for my family because I never want to relive those times. My mom, sister, and I loved painting and drawing and creating things together. Your presentation was a great perspective for me to see and hear. Thank you for helping others like me!”

— Microsoft

“Thank you for speaking at the WELD event. I attend a lot of women’s events and have heard a ton of speakers over the years. You were by far one of the best!”

— Constellation Wealth Advisors | Powered by Quadrant Capital Group, LLC
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