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Commencement 2022 Keynote

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Building the right mindset, team, culture and structures to enable your business to thrive at global scale

Attendee Benefits & Takeaways

  • Understand how global business has changed and why today’s best opportunities are in global markets
  • Gain key insights into how the world’s fastest growing company succeed at scaling globally (based on extensive research with 400+ executives from top brands)
  • Learn WHO Global Class teams are made up of, Interpreneurs, and why they are the catalysts for scaling globally
  • See HOW Global Class companies localize their business to find traction in new markets
  • Learn the Global Agile Methodology and how to foster two-way innovation within your organization
  • Implement flexible frameworks to navigate all aspects of global growth from market selection to effectively launching to ongoing management
  • Understand and apply the 3 Pillars of Effective Global Growth Relevant case studies from top brands to lend context to core concepts

Identify and nurture the next generation of global business leaders to be a catalyst for your company’s growth

Attendee Benefits & Takeaways

  • Learn how a new breed of business leader, The Interpreneur™ can be a difference maker in your company’s growth
  • Better understand the importance of a cultural mindset in scaling your business in new markets
  • Get practical strategies to help manage a diverse and distributed workforce
  • Master effective cultural conscious management tactics
  • Implement the Global Class Team Building Framework to activate top talent and ensure you have a strong balance of local market and company knowledge
  • Gain strategies for training and building cultural conscious leaders
  • Activate innovative and entrepreneurial/agile thinking within your team
  • Capitalize on differences in culture to localization and achieve growth

How to effectively expand into to new global markets and penetrate your existing international footprint

Attendee Benefits & Takeaways

  • Learn how to balance the need to localize with the complexity created by these changes to your business
  • Understand the 10 biggest mistakes companies make when scaling globally, and how to avoid them
  • Hear case studies from the world’s fastest growing companies, unlocking key insights to apply to your business
  • Learn how to create a culture with universal appeal and build a best-in-class global team
  • Get a playbook for how to uncover local market insights (“Localization Discovery”), build an ideal global strategy, and implement your internal expansion initiative – progressing from market entry to growth and global scale
  • Gain strategies for how to capture and communicate best practices, creating internal structures and processes to support scale
  • Implement the management model that unlocks global innovation

Building an agile culture and processes to harness your organization’s intrapreneurial spirit and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace

Attendee Benefits & Takeaways

  • Understand how the most successful companies leverage new working models and engagement strategies to get the most out of their employees
  • Develop a culture that fosters growth, collaboration and intelligent risk-taking
  • Study emerging trends and technologies relevant to your business
  • Make your organization and team more successful and adaptive it today’s fast- changing business world
  • Learn how to best integrate with innovation ecosystems
  • Create an engagement plan that delivers measurable results
  • Establish effective lines of communication through your organization to create frictionless collaboration
  • Implement frameworks that allow for stakeholder buy-in and participation in innovation initiatives
  • Learn how organizations large and small can implement innovation strategies to grow their business

Amplify your ROI from engaging your Gen Z/Millennial employees and learn how to inspire collaboration in a Multi- Generational workforce.

Attendee Benefits & Takeaways

  • Understand WHO members of the youngest generations are (Millennials & Gen Z) and how they got this way
  • Gain insights into how to empower your young workforce and what to avoid
  • Learn how to improve the return on investment (ROI) you get from the resources put into young employees, improving retention and bolstering succession planning
  • Make your organization’s product/service irresistible to the next generation of customers
  • Get a deeper understanding of how you can revamp your employee engagement methods to appeal to and leverage the best traits of employees from all generations
  • Master techniques to leverage your younger employees to drive innovation and your organization’s future vision
  • Gain strategies to remove obstacles and maximize the value high performers provide


“In these days after I have heard Aaron quoted AT
LEAST 6 times, from the CEO to HR to Engineering. Thanks for making a difference!”

— Truck-Lite

“I have found few that can top Aaron McDaniel.
From the initial meeting to his post-session follow
up, Aaron is world class. He beats deadlines &
provides outstanding materials that are
customized to the audience. He does it all with
humor & an easy to listen to style that keeps
people engaged. Hire Aaron, HIRE HIM NOW.”

— St. Meyer & Hubbard

“Aaron did his homework & customized his
presentation to be relevant to the industry and
my company specifically.”

— Provident Bank
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