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The Changing Face of Leadership, Selling, and Advising

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Alan Parisse – Business Speaker

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Thriving in turbulent times starts with the understanding that the problems we make are almost always worse than the problems we have. Our reaction to a challenging situation is often more of a roadblock than the problem itself.

In these times of fast history, no one knows for certain how to lead anymore. Instant communications have drained the traditional sources of power to a leader. Today’s leaders must let go of the past, re-evaluate their style, and master next generation sources of influence. In this substantive, energized and entertaining presentation, Alan will arm current and future leaders with the understanding needed to set a fresh and fulfilling path to the future.

What you say is important, but how you say it often carries the day. This series of programs is designed to combat sameness, encourage authenticity, and expand the options presenters have to achieve their objectives. Formats include keynote speeches, half and full day programs, individual coaching and The Speaking Intensive.

Great Advisors ask the right questions, listen to the answers and use their clients’ success as their measure of achievement. That’s the secret sauce that dramatically boosts money under management, significantly increases average account size and creates clients for life who eagerly refer others.

Expertise isn’t enough. Professionals have to sell themselves and their ideas. Knowing that ‘nothing happens until the patient swallows the pill,’ even medical doctors follow the Rules of Selling. It comes so naturally to them that most don’t know they are selling, but they are. Doctors set the stage so that we are highly likely to do what they tell us to do. Financial advisors have to do the same.

A successful retirement takes more than money. It takes understanding the human issues that arise and planning for them. Financial Advisors can serve current clients and attract new ones by expanding their client conversation to include more than money. This program will show advisors both the issues and the opportunity.


“Alan Parisse did a phenomenal job at our event last week! He was well-received by our attendees, and I’m sure we’ll get more positive feedback when we send out our post-conference evaluation survey. We look forward to working with him again in the future!”

— SII Investments

“Alan was a big hit and people have said that it was the best conference EVER for tone. He helped to set that tone and high expectations. We don’t get that many 5s that often.”

— Professional Insurance Markeitng Association

“Our conference would not have been the success it was without your enthusiastic participation. Your message will help our advisors make deeper connections as essential partners to their clients.”

— Merrill Lynch

“You were sensational setting the stage for a magnificent Leadership Symposium – as we all knew you would.”

— Million Dollar Round Table

“I have hired Alan Parisse as an opening, keynote and closing speaker. In every instance the feedback was beyond excellent. He was easily considered to be the best speaker at our conferences because of the relevance of his messages to our organization.”

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