Amelia Rose Earhart Prepares Businesses for Turbulence

Posted by Alyssa Bardinas

Have you ever had a business plan that needed redirecting? Maybe it was something small, like needing a new approach to engage your team. Or even the team changes while in the middle of a project. Well, Amelia Rose Earhart, a leadership speaker, presents to companies like yours and can help navigate these obstacles. 


Among the youngest women to fly around the world with a single engine plane, Amelia knows about planning for obstacles that might be in the way, not just with flying, but in business as well. The obstacles we face everyday can build up and overwhelm us to the point of immeasurable stress. Amelia’s program includes three topics to help with that.


  • “Consider All Directions”


This part of the program delves into the metaphor of the compass. Considering all the directions your campaign could take, she delves into the flexibility of life and how that impacts the business world. 


  • “Weight and Balance”


Flying is second nature to Amelia, as she includes her knowledge of planes with the ideas of having a successful business. This covers ideas that can limit a business. Finding balance in life and being able to bear the weight with that balance is important. With actual plane parts Amelia shows visually in her program why it is important to let go of things that don’t serve you. 


  • “Plan for Obstacles”


In this section of her program Amelia emphasizes planning for the worst case scenario. She believes that with that plan there could be a boost of office morale and confidence. Having a plan for disaster is better than not having a plan, in this program Amelia teaches us why she trained for open water survival.

Amelia Rose Earhart is expertly trained as a pilot as well as an inspiring speaker. In addition to presenting to corporate groups, she also does programs focused on women empowerment groups. Booking her through Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau is stress free and we can help you navigate through the turbulence of your event. For more information check out Amelia Rose Earhart’s profile on our website!

Posted by Alyssa Bardinas

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