Bart Basi, PhD

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Financial Analyst, Tax Expert

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Bart Basi, PhD

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Last year we started off with David Bowie’s song of Changes – and this year it’s an oldie from White Snake – “Here I Go Again”. Believe it or not – we are about to get a 2nd proposed tax bill!! Congress and the White House are reviewing the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and wanting to make additional changes to the Corporate Tax Rates and the phase out of the Individual Cuts. This Session will focus on examining the tax provisions that might be changing and the impact they will have on Companies across the United States as well as Individuals. Roman will review the Personal tax changes and the Business and Corporate tax changes including changes to flow through entities, non-flow through entities, capital gains, and much more.

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Explain and Describe the changes coming in Phase 2 of the new tax law;
  • Discuss the ways tax rate change will affect this country and your business;
  • Describe the alternatives regarding entity planning and succession planning for the future of your company; and
  • Become motivated to plan a tax strategy for yourself and your business.
  • Learn to utilize existing credits and accelerate deductions in order to obtain the best tax strategy. Learn about different entities and their specifics. There are over seventy different tax concepts available to businesses and not knowing and understanding them can cost you extra taxes.

    Financial statements are complex. So is your line of work. Upon leaving this workshop you will have the “tools” you need to understand financial statements like the back of your tool belt.

    Not many people can pull $5,000,000 out of their savings account to purchase a business. Further, credit has recently become harder to obtain. Despite the challenges in obtaining financing whether it be to purchase or operate a business, legal methods exist to obtain the necessary cash.

    Learn to preserve your business for retirement or the next generation before it is too late. Let Dr. Bart Basi walk you through the steps to keep your business or estate from becoming assets of the government and taxing bodies!

    The two greatest threats that threaten your business today are not competition and the economy. The two greatest, imminent threats to businesses are 1) lack of succession planning and 2) the potential for estate taxes. Are your business clients and your business prepared? Don’t let a business or estate become assets of the government and taxing bodies! Dr. Basi will explain the need, requirements and the methods to transition a business from one owner to the next.

    Valuing a house is simple. Appraisers look at the size and condition of the houses around the subject house. In business, since each is unique, determining a value is a much more complex process. There is no “formula” or “multiple” that can be used to determine the value of a business. Conforming to IRS and state standards for valuation is critical. Dr. Basi will describe the basics of how valuations are done for a private company.

    Are you and your business prepared for the two greatest threats to your business today? If you do not have an estate plan that addresses business succession and estate taxes this program is for you! Don’t let your business or estate become assets of the government and taxing bodies!

    Financial statements contain a lot of numbers and dollars. Failure to properly interpret and understand them can result in bad business decisions. Understanding them is critical for the success of your business. This workshop will teach you what you need to know to make successful business decisions.

    Learn the tax aspects that really matter to your business and lay out your tax blueprint! Learn to utilize existing credits and accelerate deductions in order to obtain the best tax strategy.

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