Bernadette Smith

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CEO of Equality Institute

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2020 Speaker Reel
Bernadette Smith | DEI Keynote Speaker | Bestselling Author, Inclusive 360

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When a company’s corporate culture has a bedrock of diversity and inclusion, they are built for the future. Our world is changing, fast, and is more connected than ever. Simply put, diversity and culture are the number one workplace priorities for millennials and Generation Z, the largest generations in the workforce. No organization can afford to behind. This inspirational, yet practical, talk addresses best practices for leaders to minimize implicit bias, empower under-represented team members, and create a profitable culture of inclusion.

Also Available Virtually. 

31% of centennials and 20% of millennials are identifying as LGBTQ+. More than a dozen states now offer third gender options on state IDs. Airlines now let passengers set their gender as “unspecified.” What does this mean for your business?

A lot.

In her thoughtful and humorous presentation, Bernadette will address the “blurred lines” around gender that can cause confusion and lead to expensive harassment complaints. This is an issue relevant to every industry. She’ll highlight everyone’s role in reducing harassment, minimizing unconscious bias, and improving corporate culture.

Also Available Virtually. 

This talk raises awareness of everyone’s unconscious biases and microaggressions, and provides solutions, including the ARC Method of communication.

Also Available Virtually. 

Are you responsible for your company’s LGBTQ and/or diversity and inclusion efforts? If so, then this may resonate with you.

Like many groups around the country and world, leaders in your position have been constantly challenging themselves: How can I bring some sense of order and calm for our employees in the midst of this chaos? You recognize that COVID-19 has forced many LGTBQ Pride events scheduled in June to be postponed or cancelled. And if you’re anything like us, you understand that holding Pride events is critical for LGTBQ folks to find community and celebrate their culture; it is a sacred time to build connection, confidence and more allies.

We have heard from our clients and business partners that those employees have been experiencing a profound sense of loss. Not only is this detrimental to your employees, but it can also negatively impact your business.

What if there was a way to still bring that sense of community, clarity, and confidence to your LGBTQ employees and supporters? Just because live Pride events are being postponed doesn’t mean that Pride programming needs to stop altogether!

Fortunately, Equality Institute has your back with a robust platform of virtual program opportunities. Our virtual LGBTQ Pride programming could be just what you need to continue successfully driving your diversity and inclusion progress. Any employee can participate as long as they have an internet connection.

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