Bernard Baumohl

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Chief Global Economist, The Economic Outlook Group

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Bernard Baumohl – Chief Global Economist
Bernard Baumohl – Chief Global Economist

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Bernie lays out the opportunities and risks ahead for the U.S. and international economy. It is a topic of tremendous urgency these days because the economic and geopolitical order of the last century is no more! The Covid pandemic, war in Ukraine and the reversals in globalization are completely transforming the entire business landscape. Adding more complexity to the outlook are rising interest rates and high inflation. As a consequence, every firm is now experimenting, exploring and testing out new strategies on how to survive and prosper in this new, and still evolving, business landscape.

Among the key themes Bernie covers in his keynotes are these:

  • Where is the economy headed and how might it impact your business?
  • What are the implications for consumer and business spending, supply chains, inflation, interest rates and dollar?
  • How do you make business decisions when the outlook is so murky and geopolitical tensions keep escalating?
  • Who will be the leaders and laggards in the world economy?
  • Which economic and geopolitical threats are likely to erupt next?
  • How can businesses navigate through a crisis-prone world economy?

The world just suffered through a series of ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ shocks, all back-to-back! These events have permanently altered global supply chains, driven up inflation, produced historic labor shortages, and fundamentally changed how people work, live and play. In short, the world economy has now entered a new, more volatile era. Every nation now faces a cyber war that has the potential to cripple their economies. There are also dangerous conflicts looming in Europe, the Middle East, South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait and North Korea. Simply put, the geopolitical pot is now boiling furiously. Yet corporate managers and investors still have to make decisions every day—and be able to justify them! But how do you manage a company and use its assets productively in a world that is increasingly buffeted by economic, political and military shocks?

Bernie recommends specific steps companies can take to help them remain resilient in a highly volatile environment.


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“For three consecutive years, we have asked for Bernard Baumohl to return for his brilliant presentations on economics and geopolitics. It helps our leaders make decisions.”

— Electronics industry

“Thank you for an absolutely excellent keynote presentation. We could not have asked for more and we are so appreciative. It is rare to find a person with your background, knowledge, and ability to deliver an economic update that gets raves.”

— Chamber of Commerce

“We are happy to be a host sponsor and get a chance to listen to great speakers, like Bernard Baumohl, who presented the economic outlook.”

— Commercial Real Estate

“Your presentation was very well received by all. Really appreciate you providing good content and doing it in such an interesting and fun way.”

— Sports industry
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