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Author, Speaker, Engagement Thought Leader

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Bob’s signature keynote is based on his critically acclaimed book Louder Than Words and is often a “call to action” for leadership teams and conference attendees that engagement must stand the test of time, in both boom and recessionary times. This presentation reinforces the 10 key steps necessary to sustain an engaged culture, improve business results, maintain credibility with employees, while also reinforcing that success involves the “mutual commitment” of both leadership and employees.

Gallup and others claim that in spite of an improved economy, only 32% of your employees are engaged, and we think we know why. Based on our research for I-Engage, engagement continues to be an issue because engagement efforts focus on the organization, leadership, the manager, and culture. Learn why engagement needs to engage the WHOLE person, with a focus on individual accountability.

Based on Bob Kelleher’s viral YouTube sensation (1.2M views), this talk discusses why only 34% of employees are engaged, how to identify the ‘disengaged’ and what to do with those actively disengaged (“Sinking Your Boat”). Using the latest statistics and case studies, Kelleher makes a compelling and at times hilarious case that one’s state of engagement can either drive or ‘sink’ your business.

…and the most important driver of engagement – in this reflective and powerful talk, Bob weaves together the latest research and case studies to prove that the empathetic manager holds the secret sauce to maximizing the engagement of employees.

In this energizing, multi-media keynote participants will be taken into the depths of each generation and leave with practical tools for addressing the common issues that define each group of employees. This keynote doesn’t focus only on the differences of each generation, it also spends significant time on the similarities, and how to maximize those similarities for increased performance and higher engagement levels. Whether your generation is Traditionalist, Boomer, Gen X, Gen or Gen Z, this keynote is for you!

Companies and managers tend to hire based on education, experience, or skill, but often overlook the more important behaviors and traits that define an organizational culture. Learn now to map your hiring process to your unique culture in this high energy and practical session applying the B.E.S.T. profile for identifying exactly what Behaviors, Experience, Skills, and Traits that align with your culture.

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