Bob  Phibbs

Bob Phibbs

The Retail Doctor

In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Traveling from:
New York
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Bob Phibbs

The Retail Doctor

In-Person Fee Range:
$10,001 - $15,000
Traveling from:
New York

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  • Bob Phibbs is the champion of brick-and-mortar retailers. He was named one of the top retail influencers of 2016 to complement his role as an American Express merchant advisor, IBM retail futurist, and RetailWire BrainTrust partner.
  • Bob’s work was featured on ABC, MSNBC, Fox News, and PBS and in articles published by Entrepreneur, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He also performs business makeovers for The Los Angeles Times and received the highest sales increase award from the #1 shopping mall in America.
  • With over thirty years of experience igniting sales increases of 20-50%, The Retail Doctor can help resuscitate your suffering retail organization.


Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor®, has helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses in every major industry, including hospitality, manufacturing, service, restaurant and retail. He is a nationally recognized expert on business strategy, customer service, sales, and marketing.

With over thirty years experience beginning in the trenches of retail and extending to senior management positions, he has been a corporate officer, franchisor and entrepreneur. His presentations are designed to provide practical information in a fun and re-memorable format, earning raving fans along the way.

In 1994, Bob started his own consulting company, The Retail Doctor, with a mission to provide training and inspiration to small and medium sized independent businesses — and teach them how to successfully compete in today’s retail environment.

As a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA), Phibbs regularly addresses business organizations, corporations, and business conferences.

Bob’s aggressive, comprehensive ideas and best practices has proved successful in helping firms of all types and sizes. 

Bob’s passion and enthusiasm are hallmarks of his presentation skills. He has consulted for, and given presentations, to some of the country’s best-known retail brands, including Yamaha, Caswell-Massey, Viking, Brother, LEGO and True Value.

One of Phibbs’s most publicized successes was his association with an independent coffee house where sales had slipped for years after Starbucks opened ten blocks away. When a second Starbucks opened just seventy-five feet from the store, the Retail Doctor® arrived to overhaul the operation. Sales rose a dramatic 50 percent over that record year and an additional 40 percent the following year. From that success, Bob drank up the next big trend helping It’s A Grind Coffee, a startup, first as COO and then as CMO. Along the way, they grew to over 125 franchised locations nationwide, created a lot of buzz as the featured coffeehouse on ShowTime’s Weeds and helped make it the second-fastest growing company in Los Angeles County two years running. He was also a partner in growing the Hunter Douglas elite Gallery dealers program across the US.

A frequent guest on MSNBC and Fox, he and his work have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. In addition, Phibbs provides business makeovers for the Los Angeles Times. His award-winning book, You Can Compete was the backbone of Do-It-Best hardware’s How-to-Beat-the-Big-Box kit for their 4100 stores. His follow-up book, The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business was released by Wiley & Sons in 2010.

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Brick-and-mortar retailers are worried, no terrified. Their margins are shrinking faster every year because they’re getting trounced by online competitors. Too many of these retailers make their fatal mistake: “We’ll just beat them on price.” That’s where the Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs is here to change how you think about in-store versus online experiences. “You Can Compete” is Bob’s featured talk that’s part-Manifesto, part-battle plan, and zero-percent BS for helping brick-and-mortar retailers start winning the shoppers’ hearts and wallets again. Bob’ engaging, fun-loving, and direct presentation redefines how to create an exceptional customer experience – one that grows sales and will give retailers the tools they need to succeed. You will walk away with a number of simple, yet powerful action steps and takeaways to make your shoppers’ experience extraordinary. Retail isn’t dead; it’s just been losing for too long. That stops when you realize and believe you can compete.


  • You will unlock the pathway to creating unforgettable human connection with any shopper.
  • You will learn how a powerful, proven sales process can engage and ‘woo’ even the most jaded shopper.
  • You will know the exact steps for training your crew to deliver a remarkable retail experience (the five-star kind!)
  • You will understand how brick-and-mortar retailers can give their shoppers what cold online retailers can never replicate, no matter what.

Bob Phibbs Reviews

“People were raving about your presentation! Everyone said this was the best event they ever attended of any manufacturer!”

— SVP, Brother International

“Bob’s approach to retail is blunt, real world, growth oriented and passionate as only a true industry veteran can relate. As one of our clients said best, “it was smart to have Bob Phibbs’ mindset-oriented topic kick off the day, as it set the tone for a positive experience.”

— Senior Director, ShopperTrak

“Bob’s highly visual presentation style keeps the energy going while delivering relevant, meaningful content.”

— VP, Paul Mitchell

What impressed me about Bob was his ability to connect with our audience of Star Motorcycle dealers. He did his homework prior to the seminar and his research paid off as he was able to explain concepts that hit home with our dealers.”
— Training Manager, Yamaha

“Bob was fantastic! If you are a retailer looking for an amazing speaker to help your stores increase their sales, relate to the customer, and become energized about selling, Bob should be top of your list.”

— Calphalon

“I engaged Bob to deliver a selling strategy for the 111-unit retail chain, Lumber Liquidators. During our growth to now over 270 units, he was able to produce a structured, measurable, actionable, and reproducible system that actually improved results. He is a unique gem in the sales training world as an individual that wants to tie results to process.”

— Lumber Liquidators


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