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How Social Media Isn’t Making You Friends Or Building Your Business
6 Smart Tips To Keep Your Mobile Business Connected & Secure

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Technology has never been easy to use for the average person and it’s unfortunate. Tech companies won’t change the way your gadgets work, so it’s time you learn how to harness the power of tech and make your devices do what you need them to do.

ChatGPT, the latest AI Chatbot isn’t here to ruin our world or to steal your jobs.  When people think of ChatGPT, they get images of HAL from 2001: Space Odyssey or Ash from the movie Alien.  A human-made intelligence that becomes aware and decides humans aren’t good enough. It’s more than that. It’s about creating tech that will allow people to be productive, but able to live full lives that aren’t tied to technology.

Cybercrime has been bad in 2021 and it’s only going to get worse in 2023. Learn what the most lethal cyber threats are this year and how to protect your business against future threats.

Believe it or not, the end of the year is almost here! In 2023, why not try a new kind of New Year’s resolution? Instead of just hitting the gym and dropping some pounds, consider changing some of the tech habits your business uses to simplify the tech in your life and to keep your business more secure and productive.

We all know social media, but do you really know how to take advantage of this awesome technology as a small business? Learn how to create social media posts that will help develop strong business relationships, will generate new business and that will create customer loyalty.

Smaller businesses have become bigger targets for cyber-criminals because the bad guys know that Small Businesses have fewer defense resources than large enterprises. There’s no way to predict a cyber attack, whether by a lack of security solutions or a careless employee opening some type of malicious attachment. Get crucial tips to keep your business safe and secure.

Technology is supposed to make your life easier by increasing productivity, helping to keep your small business organized, and giving you a competitive edge. Whether to improve customer service or communication, productivity or profitability, the efficient use of technology within a small business can go a long way towards making it a success.

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