Celebrate the 12 Days of Speakers with Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau!

Posted by Alexis Washington

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This holiday season, we’re counting down 12 of our favorite keynote speakers who will fill your holidays, and audiences, with cheer!


On the first day of the conference
my bureau booked for me:
the author of Eat, Drink & Succeed!

As the former Director of White House Events, Laura Schwartz shares the secrets to building long-lasting and effective networking skills that can get you up the ladder of success.


On the second day of the conference 
my bureau booked for me
An inspiring mom who overcame adversity!


Stephanie Decker dedicates her time and foundation to advocating for amputee children. Her drive and determination inspire audiences to fight for something bigger than themselves.


On the third day of the conference
my bureau booked for me
The rapper ZDoggMD!

Under the pseudonym ZDoggMD, keynote speaker Zubin Damania educates audiences with hilarious, yet insightful ways on how to navigate through the healthcare industry.


On the fourth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me
Phil Hansen’s fresh creativity!

As a speaker on change, Phil Hansen brings his unique art to life as he encourages audiences to embrace whatever obstacles in their path.


On the fifth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me
Walter Bond’s accountability!

Walter Bond is a former NBA player who utilizes his experience with teamwork to provide winning strategies that you can use on and off, the court.



On the sixth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me
a financial mogul from ABC!


From the ABC hit series Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran shares her treasured insight on how to achieve immense success as a financial guru and entrepreneur.


On the seventh day of the conference 
my bureau booked for me:
Mike Lipkin’s sales strategies!
Mike Lipkin is a motivational keynote speaker who shares his techniques on how to establish customer loyalty, not only increasing trust, but increasing sales as well. 




On the eighth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me:
Chris Rabb’s cultural diversity!

Chris Rabb is an author and expert on diversity. As a speaker, he brings his unique expertise from working in the U.S. Senate and sheds light on inequality, social responsibility, and justice.


On the ninth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me:
Johnny Earle’s brand advertising!

Johnny Earle is a young entrepreneur who went from selling t-shirts in his car to creating a global multi-million dollar business. As a speaker, he has the unique ability to connect with millennials, sharing his techniques on how to brand yourself in the digital age.


On the tenth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me:
Financial Expert Peter Ricchiuti!

Peter Ricchiuti is a financial and investment expert who teaches audiences the art of buying stocks, investing, and understanding the market, spreading his insight and humor along the way!



On the eleventh day of the conference
my bureau booked for me:
Tom Flick’s message on authority!

As a former NFL player, Tom Flick knows just the right winning strategies for your team. By being a leading expert on authority, Flick encourages audiences to change their perspective on things in order to create fresh ideas for you and your organization.



On the twelfth day of the conference
my bureau booked for me:
Jack Canfield positive psychology!

Known as “America’s Success Coach,” Jack Canfield is the co-creator of the successful series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Through his keynote presentations, Canfield shares his expertise on what makes people successful, as well as outlining the steps to achieve that success.



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Posted by Alexis Washington
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