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Motivational Olympic Medalist, American Record Holder, and TEDx Speaker Helping Your Group Navigate This Challenging Climate

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5 Programs By This Presenter

Embark on a transformative journey with “A Champions Mindset From Adversity to Triumph,” where inspiring stories and practical strategies converge. This high energy keynote is a celebration of triumphs born from navigating tremendous adversity. Attendees will gain insights into transforming setbacks into opportunities for personal and professional growth, all while developing a resilient mindset that propels them and their teams forward.

This program is perfect for:

Conferences, Corporate Events, and Seminars where:

– Organizations in search of inspiration and practical strategies to overcome adversity.

– Leaders are looking to transform setbacks into triumphs.

– Groups seeking motivation and a resilient mindset for growth through achievement of personal and professional goals.

The audience will leave with:

– Inspiration drawn from real-life triumphs, and the ability to turn setbacks into strategically planned successes.

– An acquired toolbox of practical strategies to transform adversity into opportunities for growth.

– The development of a resilient mindset that propels individuals and teams forward through challenges.

In “Building Boundless Resilience™ for Teams,” we explore the dynamics of resilience within organizations. This fun invigorating keynote offers invaluable insights into fostering a culture of resilience, enhancing collaboration, and fortifying teams with strategies for sustained success. Join us to unlock the collective strength of your team.

This program is perfect for:

Corporate events, leadership conferences, or team-building workshops, where:

-Collaboration and resilience within teams are critical for success.

– Organizations are aiming to foster a resilient team culture and enhance collaboration.

– Leaders and teams seek practical approaches for collective problem-solving.

The audience will leave with:

– Understanding of how to foster a resilient team culture for sustained success.

– Learn practical approaches to enhance team collaboration and communication.

– Acquire strategies to cultivate a work environment supporting individual and collective resilience.

 “Resilient Leadership” is meticulously designed for leaders and executives aiming to infuse resilience into their organizational fabric. Discover the strategic prowess of turning setbacks into opportunities, fostering a culture of resilience that propels sustained growth and innovation.

This program is perfect for:

Resilience-focused leadership conferences, executive development programs and strategic planning sessions emphasizing organizational resilience and growth.

-Executives and senior leaders seeking to embed resilience into organizational strategies.

– Organizations aspiring to instill a culture of resilience at the leadership level.

– Audiences interested in leveraging setbacks for strategic innovation and building organizational resilience.

Audience will walk away with:

-Strategies for leaders to strategically navigate setbacks with resilience.

– Practical tools for transforming setbacks into catalysts for organizational growth.

– Insights into cultivating a resilient mindset at the executive level for strategic leadership.

“EmpowerHer Boundless Resilience™” is an engaging keynote designed for women navigating the challenges of the corporate arena.

In this empowering keynote Chaunte Lowe share stories of resilience, emphasizing the pursuit of work-life harmony, developing confidence, and harnessing community strength to thrive both personally and professionally.

This program is perfect for:

Corporate women’s networking events, conferences, and professional development workshops and diversity and inclusion forums focused on empowering women in the corporate workplace.

– Groups aiming to inspire and empower women at all levels within the corporate landscape, addressing crucial elements of resilience, work-life balance, confidence, and strength for a fulfilling and successful professional journey.

– Organizations fostering a supportive and empowering environment for all women employees.

– Audiences dedicated to cultivating confidence and strength in women’s corporate journeys.

Audience will walk away armed with:

– Practical strategies for achieving work-life harmony in a demanding corporate environment.

– Confidence-building tools to empower women to navigate challenges with assurance.

– Highly effective tools gleaned from inspirational stories showcasing resilience and strength that translate perfectly into the corporate journey.


 “The Journey Forward” unfolds as a poignant keynote, weaving a heartfelt cancer survival story into a narrative of hope and triumph. Book this keynote for a deeply personal journey where Chaunte Lowe, a triple negative breast cancer survivor, shares her experience, emphasizing the transformative power of hope beyond diagnosis. This keynote serves as a beacon, inspiring donors, volunteers and advocates to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing battle against cancer. –

This program is perfect for:

Cancer fundraising events, galas, oncology conferences, and philanthropic gatherings.

– Groups committed to making a positive impact in the fight against cancer.

– Organizations seeking inspiration and hope in their fundraising endeavors.

– Audiences dedicated to transforming survival stories into narratives of thriving resilience.

Audience will walk away with:

– A moving cancer survival story illustrating the journey from surviving to thriving.

– Insights into the profound impact of hope on personal resilience and triumph.

– Inspiration for donors, volunteers and advocates to play a vital role in supporting cancer research and patient care, contributing to a hope for a future with cancer eradicated.



“Chaunte’ has been an example of how people can do things the right way as they reach their goals. On Behalf of the Olympic Committee and USA Track and Field, we thank her for the wonderful example she has been for young people.”


“Chaunte’ Lowe came to our organization and added value by sharing her life’s experiences and sharing with us how she overcame challenges. She is a powerful speaker and someone who can make an impact to invoke true change. We were so honored to have her and can’t wait until she comes back!”

— Indeed Corporate Offices NY
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