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Posted by Tyler Eatman

About Amelia

Amelia Rose Earhart is one of the youngest women to fly a single engine plane around the world. As an inspiring pilot, she strives to push her own limits while inspiring others to do the same by using her personal experience. With this experience, Earhart can help businesses and organization like Capital One, Walmart, United Healthcare, etc. through challenges and changes delivered in various formats such as keynote speeches, moderating and emceeing.

Amelia’s Keynote Description

As a boundary-pushing around the world pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart knows exactly what it takes to venture into uncharted territory; now she’s sharing her one of a kind perspective and strategy with the world.

With the odds stacked against her, Amelia brought her own bold idea to life in 2014, piloting a small plane (Pilatus PC-12NG) 28,000 Nautical Miles around the globe. To accomplish this, Amelia self-funded her private, instrument and commercial flight training, went through open-water survival training, crafted a strategic business plan to design, fund and market her around the world attempt, help to design and build a custom auxiliary fuel tank for the trip, grew a large and passionate social following to spread the word, raised close to $2 million in partnerships with 28 corporations, founded and ran a charity organization to send numerous teenage girls to flight school, and more.

In Amelia’s keynote, she shares 3 non-negotiables and values that she used in her successful, uncharted trip around the globe, which is directly transferrable to the business world. Whether the attendees are CEOs/leaders, a sales team, or an entire team of an organization, Amelia’s talk contains actionable takeaways that people can start implementing immediately.

Posted by Tyler Eatman

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