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Posted by Stephanie Guida

In a piece titled “In a quest to find birth family, woman makes ‘life-altering’ discovery: She’s a princess,” outlines Princess Sarah Culberson’s early life and how she came to the discovery of her royal status. Princess Sarah also let readers in on two new projects that will aid her in telling her story.

Sarah Culberson was adopted by a white family in West Virginia at a year old. At 28 years old, Sarah began a search for her biological parents. Unfortunately, Sarah discovered her mother passed away when Sarah was only 11. She discovered her biological father lived in a village in Sierra Leone. Upon receiving a call from her biological uncle in Sierra Leone, Sarah learned that she is related to African Royalty, the Mende tribe in Bumpe, Sierra Leone. She discovered that she is considered a mahaloi, which makes her princess of the Bumpe Village.

After learning she was considered royalty, Sarah quickly realized that she had to take responsibility in helping to move Sierra Leone forward. Alongside her brother, Sarah founded the Kposwa Foundation, now known as Sierra Leone Rising. In recent years, Sierra Leone Rising has focused on providing clean drinking water to the country. They have been able to provide nine wells, which provide clean drinking water to 12,000 people across Sierra Leone.

In 2009, Sarah published a book chronicling her journey to royalty, A Princess Found. Currently, Sarah is working on an animated series based on her story. Her book as serving as the inspiration for a new movie produced by Stephanie Allain, the first Black woman to produce the Academy Awards.

In addition to being a princess and running a foundation, Sarah is also a speaker who focuses on diversity. Interested in learning more about Princess Sarah’s story? Inquire within to book today!


Posted by Stephanie Guida

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