Clint Pulver

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Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author, Musician, and Workforce Expert

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Clint’s keynote is expanded to include a Drumline where participants get hands-on with drumsticks and buckets – they will experience the simple and effective “how-to’s” for creating the mentorship connection.

Attendees leave this presentation with:

  • An understanding of the four aspects of true mentorship
  • Implementation strategies of how to create cultural change

Today — employees are looking for leadership that supports, encourages, and gives them the tools they need to grow, adapt, give back – and create real impact. In this unforgettable customized presentation designed to inspire corporate leadership and managers, Clint expertly demonstrates the ground-breaking WHY of mentorship over old school management techniques and HOW every employee is just one caring person away from a phenomenal success story.

As a Corporate Keynote Speaker and employee retention expert, Clint offers the insider leadership secrets for elevating team and individual engagement, cultivating creative and collaborative environments, and inspiring both themselves and those that they lead. He also shares the life-changing story of Mr. Jensen, who, with one small and simple gift, brought purpose, empowerment, and perspective to a young life – and how each of us has the chance to do the same.

In this powerfully moving session, audience members will be able to:

  • Adapt to a rapidly changing workforce
  • Communicate effectively with a multi-generation team
  • Create a culture that cultivates, celebrates, and encourages diversity
  • Understand the four keys to mentorship within the role of leadership
  • Develop a greater understanding of their purpose as a leader and mentor
  • Adopt implementation strategies of how to create cultural change
  • Ready to transform your next leadership training or conference?

Hire award-winning speaker Clint Pulver to share Mentorship vs Management and reaffirm, validate, and inspire your leadership and management team to learn how these simple shifts can create inspired and lasting impact on their lives, their teams, and your organization.

How do you help your sales team feel more confident, deliver powerful customer experiences, and navigate uncertain times? With an innovative shift in mindset and proven processes for creating customer connectivity, trust, and loyalty.

That’s where sales keynote speaker and retention expert Clint Pulver comes in. In this timely and important message, Clint helps sales professionals unlock the power of “mentoring customers” rather than “closing them” in a sales conversation. Consumers today want to be heard, coached, and consulted with about making the decisions that are right for them. Helping sales teams find that important “groove” and never appear to be “tone-deaf to the sensitivities of the time” is more important now than ever.

This keynote is about developing a sales team that:

  • Feels more confident and delivers powerful customer experiences
  • Navigates uncertain times with an innovative shift in mindset and proven processes for creating customer connectivity, trust, and loyalty


“Clint’s keynote is still being talked about within our company. The engagement, humor, content, and movement he created for us at Hewlett Packard will not be forgotten. He is without a doubt one of the most effective speakers we’ve ever had.”

— Hewlett Packard

“This was the best keynote we have had at our event in several years. Our audience appreciated the message and the energy of the drumming performance, but the content of Clint’s remarks is what resonated the most with our event–the belief that one moment can change your life is something that we try to remind ourselves of when we plan this event annually.”

— Texas FFA Convention

“Clint’s been to two of our retreats, and regardless of what generation you are from, Clint’s message was relevant. Good tactics, good strategy, good message, and I’d highly recommend it to anybody out there who is trying to improve their millennials and workplace.”

— Big O Tires

“Clint Pulver is a dynamo and was very well received by our audience of real estate agents and company leaders. His young approach to leadership and his experience as the Undercover Millennial was very impactful. Stacking the buckets and custom drumsticks under the tables and the surprise factor of the drum exercise was an added bonus and an absolute hit for our theme of Stronger Together. That energy can’t be generated through the spoken word alone.”

— Twenty 156 Events

“If you want to be inspired and elevate your teams, Clint will have them on the edge of their seats. He is motivational, authentic, and engaging. Clint
resonates with all levels of an organization. He will not disappoint!”

— Maxx Properties
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