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Unlearn the Obstacles that Keep You Stuck

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Craig Zablocki

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People have different ideas about what fun is. Yet, all organizations know that feeling part of a team is fun. A state of openness and connection is fun, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, a CEO, or a certified nurse assistant. Everyone loves the “Aha” moments when solutions to a problem come into view.


The Intelligence of Fun unlocks the keys to seeing solutions to problems as fun – being solution minded and not problem focused. The point is that working within a culture of playfulness and the Intelligence of Fun is proven to increase productivity, motivation, creativity, new learning, and staff engagement. It affects everything … from the bottom line up.

In Craig’s approach to leadership he invites collaborative communication and fun. He brings a strong element of both relevance and levity. In his non-power pointed and highly interactive style, he will challenge the attendees to see where they are stuck, to see where they hold back.  They will be able to own their greatness and identify their blind spots.


An effective Leader today is one who: leads by example, take themselves lightly while leading from purpose; one who is willing to be vulnerable and champion others, who can own their “stuff”, tap into their innate creativity, joy, and passion and helps others do the same.  They are visionaries and know how to get results.  Radical leaders listen deeply and lead from their heart. They speak honesty and lastly, embody the intelligence of fun.

We hear it all the time… Organization xyz could use:

—   More energy

—   Higher creativity

—   More direct communication

—   A spirit of collaboration

The world class businesses and organizations that are thriving develop a culture where their people have a sense of ownership, some ‘skin in the game’, accountability, and engagement. A culture where people know WHY they do what they do.


Once we experience “being all in”, going back to mediocrity just doesn’t satisfy. You don’t need a study to show you that when you are honestly out of your own way – not sabotaging your own efforts, not hiding from your potency, not making excuses and lies about your ability – that you, just as you are, are capable of 100%.


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