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Dan Gingiss
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When you create a remarkable experience for your customers, they become your best marketers.

In this fun and engaging session, you will learn why there’s no such thing as an “offline” experience anymore, simple ways that companies can improve customer experience to create raving fans, and why your customers crave 1-to-1 engagement – especially in social media.

Filled with tons of real-life examples, this session will leave you inspired to go back to work and make your own customers’ experiences remarkable.

Key Takeaways

•Identify parts of your customer journey that can improve from ordinary to extraordinary.

•Learn a simple methodology for creating remarkable experiences.

•Be inspired by actual case studies of simple, inexpensive CX changes.

Every day, your company is providing experiences for your customers. But are they experiences worth sharing on social media?

No one shares an average experience; they share things they love and things they can’t stand. With all of the noise of social media clouding a brand’s ability to control the message, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tilt brand sentiment in a positive direction?

In this fun and energetic session, you’ll see dozens of real-life examples of companies creating customer experiences that result in the brand lovers being louder than the haters. You’ll leave with the inspiration to get your company’s customers talking positively about your brand in social media.

Key Takeaways:

•Discover the circular relationship between social media and customer experience.

•Learn about the key factors in moving to a digital contact center.

•Understand how to integrate social media into the rest of the business.

Blog posts are nice. Videos are great. Webinars rock. But your prospects and customers are being bombarded with so much content.

If you really want to acquire more customers and keep the ones you have, you need to provide them with remarkable experiences. With some simple tweaks, you too can create customer experiences that people want to share with their friends and social media followers.

You’ll see dozens of real-life examples of companies using customer experience to make the brand lovers louder than the haters. And Dan Gingiss doesn’t just talk about experience, he creates one for the audience too!

Key Takeaways:

•Learn why focusing on retaining existing customers will actually help
your Sales team.

•Explore a simple methodology for creating remarkable experiences.

•See how companies across industries differentiate themselves
through experience.

It used to be that contact centers simply had to handle phone calls. Today, a contact center typically hires agents for phone, email, chat and social media. As the “world’s most public customer service channel,” social media has different rules and requires a different kind of agent – and process – to succeed.

In this tactical session, learn how to hire and train the right social care agents, select appropriate technology, design an efficient process and integrate with the core business and the CRM – all from the guy who literally wrote the book on the topic.

Key Takeaways:

•Learn why focusing on retaining existing customers will actually help your Sales team.

•Explore a simple methodology for creating remarkable experiences.

•See how companies across industries differentiate themselves through experience.

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“Dan Gingiss is one of the brightest minds on the topics of customer experience, social media and digital experience. He has a wealth of experience and content, and he is a fantastic, engaging presenter.”

— The DiJulius Group

“Dan’s presentation at our London conference was insightful, engaging and educational. Our audience enjoyed it so much, we brought him back for a subsequent webinar. Dan is very easy to work with and he left a lasting impression on our audience with his real-life example and clear takeaways.”

— Clarabridge

“Dan was a fantastic webinar presenter! His style was engaging, and he provided easy-to-comprehend principles to inspire meaningful customer experiences. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with Dan.”

— Hubb

“Dan’s keynote was not only engaging, but extremely relevant no matter what your role is at your company. He left the audience not only EXCITED about customer experience, but also empowered to make CX a priority in their day to day activities. He had so many great examples and his energy and passion for CX are infectious. Would book him again in a heartbeat!”

— Avtex
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