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Generational Differences
What To Know About ‘Generation Z’

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With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, businesses, families, and communities at large have been changed forever. No longer is the goal to return to life as we knew it, but instead to navigate the best path forward.

“The Generations In A New World” is an uplifting conversation around what has changed and what has not for each generation. A combination of primary data, case studies, and first hand stories explain the traits that each generation can bring to the table as we repair our world. In addition, areas of concern with each generation are discussed so that we can all be more aware of how to help each other.


Our global study of the generations in this new world reveals that each generation has been changed in unique and different ways. Results include:

  • Baby boomers rage against age.
  • Gen Xers becoming the sandwiched generation.
  • Millennials new outlook on loyalty.
  • Gen Z’s struggle to gain social capital.

David and Jonah speak together or separately.

For the first time in history, we have five generations in the workplace and marketplace. Not one generation is stagnant, so staying on top of how their generational personalities play out can be challenging.

You may think you know the generations, but the Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials are carving out new territory as they evolve. And here comes the latest twist – the arrival of Generation Z. Just when you think you’ve bridged all the gaps, it’s time to learn what happens when the generations still collide at:

  • Workplace: recruiting, retaining, communicating.
  • Marketplace: customer service and sales.
  • Giving: how to attract and retain donor and volunteers.

This energizing, fresh, informative and funny update on the generations will help you identify the gaps creating mayhem in your workplace and marketplace, apply smart solutions to help you navigate multi-generational minefields, and ultimately, look at the generations in a whole new way.

In “Take 5”, you will learn:

  • Where all the generations are in their careers today.
  • What each generation needs to be successful.
  • What it takes to connect with each generation of consumers.
  • What generations are more similar? Different?

David and Jonah speak together or separately.

Believe it or not…there’s life after the Millennial generation.  A new generation is impacting our workplace and not enough leaders are paying attention! Gen Z is nothing like the Millennials and if you treat them that way…it will backfire! Are you ready for Gen Z? Do you know what factors make this generation unique? The leading edge of Gen Z is well into their 20s – with entirely new attitudes about the workplace, marketplace, philanthropy, and much more.

This eye-opening, engaging presentation can focus on Gen Z:

In the workplace:

This dynamic presentation gives audiences crucial insights into the newest generation of employees. From skipping 4-year degrees to inventing careers that don’t exist, recruiting and retaining Gen Z is a whole new ballgame. Based on national studies of Gen Z’s workplace attitudes, interviews with hundreds of CEOs, cutting-edge case studies and insights from Gen Zers themselves.

  • What Gen Z expects from a career.
  • How to recruit Gen Z.
  • How to make Gen Z want to stay on the job.
  • What culture means to Gen Z.

In the marketplace:

This dynamic presentation gives audiences crucial insights into the Gen Z consumer. More than their own disposable funds, it explains how Gen Z’s influence on family spending is impacting brand success. Based on national studies, insights from focus groups, and working with some of the world’s top brands; find out what it takes to connect with, sell to, and retain the Gen Z customer.

  • How the Gen Z consumer is different than the other generations.
  • How different social media platforms connect with Gen Z consumers.
  • Phigital – where Gen Z sees no line between physical and digital.
  • What loyalty to a brand looks like.

David and Jonah speak together or separately.

If only we could group our younger workforce and marketplace into one generation – life would be easier. In many ways, leaders have been operating that way and have not learned from the past.

History is repeating itself…flashback to the 1990s when Generation X was entering the workplace. Most thought the Xers would be just like the Baby Boomers and tried to treat them that way. KABOOM! Generational collisions were everywhere.

In today’s workplace and marketplace, too many are assuming everyone under 30 is the same – or are all Millennials.  Gen Z and Millennials are nothing alike!

“Millennials vs. Generation Z” will:

  • Unpack the key differences between Millennials and Gen Z.
  • Showcase how Boomers and Xers different parenting styles had radically different results.
  • Explain how Millennials’ collaborative nature and Gen Z’s competitive drive plays out at work.
  • Identify what leaders need to know to manage each unique generation.
  • Highlight areas the generations will click and clash.

David and Jonah speak together or separately.


“The amount of background research and planning that they did was incredible. They produced a highly customized and interactive presentation that brought together their demographic insights with some of the key trends facing farmer co-ops and agriculture today.”

— VP Communications | National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

“Through both primary and secondary research David and his son Jonah bring an energetic and action oriented approach to their sessions. They have an audience beel of equal parts present day anthropologists and data driven researchers.”

— VP, North American Higher Education | Blackboard
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