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Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Leadership Expert, Professional Speaker

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David Cottrell – The Magic Question
David Cottrell

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Making Leadership Everyone’s Business
The model for leadership has shifted. For sustained leadership success in any organization, every employee must lead right where they are right now. It is not impossible, Pollyanna or wishful thinking. It is essential. In this program, you will learn how to use a successful leadership philosophy: LeaderShift. You will discover how you can create a purpose-driven, leader-supported and employee-led culture … right now. LeaderShift provides a solid foundation for conducting business in a new way—one that aligns the organization around a common set of principles. In this interactive keynote, you will learn that success as a leader can come down to practicing six shifts. Shifts that will help create an atmosphere where any team can prosper.

10 Principles to Becoming a Great Leader
What would be the impact on your organization and your business if every one of your leaders spent dedicated time with a mentor? Now they can. In this program based on his best-selling book, Monday Morning Mentoring and Monday Morning Leadership, David delivers up to 10 key success principles that equip leaders to confront and overcome their daily “people” challenges.

Don’t Be Stupid. Don’t Be A Jerk.
Don’t Be Stupid. Don’t Be a Jerk are the two greatest rules for leaders to achieve extraordinary results with class. Based on his latest book, David Cottrell’s keynote is direct and simple: think your decisions through and take care of your team. It is grounded on solid principles that apply to businesses in every industry. If you are searching for a speaker who will provide your team with tried and proven techniques that improve employee morale, decrease turnover, improve results plus help them have a whole lot more fun leading, this is for you..

Go From Everyday to Extraordinary
Learn to Make the Right Decisions to Achieve Great Success
Why does success seem to come easily to some and not to others? Success is ultimately realized by those who make more right choices and quickly recover from their wrong choices. Based on the book Monday Morning Choices, this program creates a foundation for organizational and personal success… how to achieve it, how to keep it and how to enjoy it by consistently making better choices. David Cottrell has spent much of his career seeking answers to what separates the successful from those who fail to reach their level of success. His findings incorporate 12 choices that lead to success.


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David’s presentation was awesome, everyone enjoyed it. A couple of the participants have reached out to me already to share their “go-forward” commitments on their efforts to follow the message from David’s book and his presentation. My boss and I have plans to continue building on the coaching sessions with our direct reports and hopefully they will become more confident in doing the same with their subordinates. I hope that David enjoyed meeting our team!

— Richemont North America, Inc.
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