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Author, Speaker, and President of Peak Safety Performance, LLC. 

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Develop A Questioning Attitude
The Power of a SAFE Dialogue
Peak Safety Dialogue

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This presentation is intended to provide knowledge for those individuals who may have responsibility for coaching, facilitating, instructing, implementing, and leading safety. This presentation will reference Hearts + Minds leadership principles such as; 1) People are fallible. 2) Error-likely situations are predictable, manageable, and preventable. 3) Individual behavior is influenced by organizational processes and values. 4) People achieve high levels of performance- based largely on the encouragement and reinforcement received from leaders, peers, and subordinates. 5) Events can be avoided by understanding the reasons mistakes occur and applying the lessons learned from past events. 6) Learning is an improvement strategy. The presentation will also offer simple methods to minimize mistakes with engagement and

The dynamics of how we make decisions is complex and our ability to perceive danger is one of the first steps to prevent injuries. What is the right level of risk perception and better yet, how do you teach people to recognize hazards. If risk perception is the first step to preventing injuries, developing the appropriate level of risk tolerance can guide you to make the right decisions. This presentation opens a dialog for how to improve safety performance by understanding why people take chances. The presentation also offers tools and techniques to influence safe decisions.

The topic provides a tactical approach to identifying the root cause of an event. Instructors teach participants to apply
proven techniques that will help them learn the context of the event. Once participants can understand the context, they have a better chance to influence the future.

This presentation is based on David Lynn’s book, Principle to Practice. The talk shows you how to take a proven human performance framework and put it into practice. The speaker will emphasize 5 strategic principles that will give your safety
program purpose and drive a culture that can predict and minimize errors that cause injuries.

There are six components that make  a message, initiative, or product contagious in Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious; why things catch on. Each component is a missing link to many safety communication campaigns. You can differentiate your safety culture if you learn and apply these practical applications for getting people excited about your safety culture. Participants will leave the session with a clear vision of what they need to do next to make their safety program contagious.

Most corporations claim similar safety values, but few companies deliver world class safety performance. Why is there
disparity in safety performance? Simple, some companies lack the right safety character, mentality, and drive to achieve positive results. As an OSHA Compliance Officer, I observed companies with a comprehensive knowledge of fundamental safety concepts, but they did not balance their intellectual safety knowledge with a “boots on the ground” reality.

Conceptual safety is worthless without the ability to produce positive results. The goal for this presentation is to provide a progressive method to balance your safety character and mentality with desired results.

There are eight steps to leading change in John Kotter’s book, Leading Change. Each step has a practical application for building a performance minded safety culture. The purpose of this presentation is to share practical examples of you use these steps to drive improvement. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of how change initiatives succeed and fail.


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