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America's Personal Health Improvement Expert

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David Meinz
David Meinz

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You can add ten extra, healthy years to your life by taking just several simple steps. No need to become a marathon runner or eat tofu and bean sprouts! Health promotion expert David Meinz reveals new research that reveals surprising steps to healthy longevity. You’ll learn the importance of personal relationships, life-purpose, rest, and lots more! A fun and practical presentation that you can use to live ten bonus years.

Heart disease kills more Americans than any other cause. An increasing number are dying in their 40’s and 50’s. Surprising to many, it now kills more women than men. The same disease that causes heart attacks causes strokes as well. The traditional approach of cholesterol control and statin therapy is inadequate for many people. David Meinz reveals new information on how you can personally, dramatically decrease your chances of EVER having a heart attack or stroke. Plus, everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to have a simple, personal evaluation of their heart health. A presentation that can literally save your life!

Thirty years ago, 25% of Americans were overweight. Today 70% of Americans weigh too much. One-third of children are already overweight as well. While it is true that portion sizes are larger and food is always available, these reasons don’t fully explain why obesity has become such a national health issue. Surprisingly, many of us decrease our ability to properly metabolize carbohydrates once we get past 50. David Meinz shows how a silent epidemic is obligating many of us to continue to gain fat year after year, despite our best efforts. And he reveals how we can personally reverse the cause and live a life at a healthy weight for the rest of our lives.

With over 35,000 different products, and 5000 new ones coming out each year, how are you supposed to navigate your way towards dinner? There’s a big difference between the truth and the WHOLE truth in today’s grocery store! You’ll discover that most “wheat” bread is, in fact, just white bread, why you can’t trust nutrition claims in the meat and dairy sections, how to actually decrease your sugar intake by using the sugar bowl, and lots, lots, more! A content-rich and fun insiders-guide to the supermarket.


“You are a natural to get the good health message out to American businesses and their people.”

— Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield

“David has consistently scored the highest rating with out attendees. I’ve invited him numerous times and will have him back again!”

— Spectrum Investment Advisors

“Your participation was instrumental in making this years Million Dollar Round Table meeting a phenomenal success! Our committee spent 15 months looking for the right people. Clearly, they made a great choice in selecting YOU!”

— Million Dollar Round Table

“You scored a perfect 10, I rarely see that kind of rating. Thanks so much for making our event such a big success.”

— American Society of Association Executives

“Congratulations for being chosen our ‘Speaker of The Year!’”

— Meeting Professionals International, Potomac Chapter
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