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NBA Life & Optimization Coach, #1 Best Selling Author, Top 50 Worldwide Keynote Speaker, Mindset and Mental Skills Specialist

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David Nurse – Top 50 Worldwide Keynote Speaker
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David has helped over 150 NBA players develop the type of confidence that not only takes them from good to great, but also from great to outstanding. He has seven proven steps to develop the type of confidence in yourself that is true, genuine, and not ego-driven. The unshakable confidence that David teaches will take you into any meeting, any room, any situation with the knowledge and the how to achieve your mission.

David has worked with NBA coaches, Fortune 500 CEOs, and many other high performers on developing leadership habits that not only build successful routines, but also build a success-driven lifestyle. David goes through the true meaning of how to define leadership, how to pour into yourself daily in order to pour into others, and the trick of developing the most pivotal skill set to possess Relentless Consistency.

Top athletes, actors, and entrepreneurs have achieved the ability to live in the ‘breakthrough’ mode with the help of David. With The Call Up, corporations, sales teams, and any business-driven industry can turn breakthroughs from happy accidents into daily events. Everything we do is a preparation for an opportunity to come, and David will guide you on the path to the breakthrough blueprint formula: Confidence + Cooperation + Service + Purpose = Consistent Breakthroughs!

How to stay inspired, motivated, and producing at an even higher and more efficient level than before the crisis. This talk inspires leaders, managers, every day individuals on how to set up the most effective habits for success; not only physically with the in person actions, but mentally developing the strongest mindset. Uncommon times call for Unshakeable Confidence, Unbelievable Skills, & Unimpeachable Character!

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