Daymond  John

Daymond John

Shark Tank Investor, Founder & CEO of FUBU, Top Business & Motivational Speaker

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$75,001 and up
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Daymond John

Shark Tank Investor, Founder & CEO of FUBU, Top Business & Motivational Speaker

In-Person Fee Range:
$75,001 and up
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Why Book

  • Daymond teaches audiences how to apply successful methods in today’s business world by providing proven tips on negotiating, boosting sales, and increasing productivity from your team.
  • He is the personification of the American Dream: from humble beginnings to over 4 billion in global products and the star of ABC’s Shark Tank. He will empower audiences, more than any business advisor, to make positive change, set goals, and achieve success to live their own American Dream.
  • Daymond shares the strategies he uses to continue bringing him financial success. From guerrilla marketing and branding techniques, to using cutting-edge innovation with social media, he is one of the top business strategists with a track record of winning.


From humble beginnings to a self-made multimillionaire with over $6 billion to date in global product sales and a starring role on ABC’s business reality TV show, Shark Tank. As “The People’s Shark”, Daymond John continues to set standards of excellence while expanding his interests in fashion, branding, marketing, consulting, entertainment, and beyond. This industry leader, best-selling author, and ground breaking entrepreneurial expert has evolved into a highly sought after business and motivational speaker.

Sharing Decades of Business Wisdom

As a dynamic business speaker with over twenty years of hands-on proven business experience, Daymond shares the strategies that continue to bring him financial success. These strategies have played a crucial role in his ongoing success.

As Founder and CEO, Daymond steered FUBU from a mere concept to a global fashion powerhouse. At its peak, annual retail sales exceeded $350 million.

The Pioneer of Integrating Fashion, Culture, and Music

Utilizing many of the same tactics commonly used today, Daymond John pioneered the art of integrating fashion, culture, and music nearly twenty years ago. From his then unprecedented guerrilla marketing and branding techniques to the continuously innovative ways he uses social media, Daymond remains a cutting edge business strategist.

His approach to brand integration further demonstrates his strategic prowess. Additionally, his expertise on pop culture further solidifies his status as a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

A Masterclass in Business Strategy

Daymond teaches audience members how to apply his successful methods to a wide range of businesses today. He shares winning tips for negotiating, including negotiating for women, boosting sales, and improving employee morale. Additionally, he offers advice on increasing productivity and optimizing staff talents.

Daymond’s pragmatic advice resonates with everyone from students and entry-level employees to small business owners and corporate CEOs. Each will walk away with invaluable tools to incorporate into their professional endeavors.

As a motivational speaker, Daymond’s quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance inspires any audience. His unique and charismatic way of communicating it adds to the inspiration.

Much more than a business advisor, Daymond shares his unique goal setting and achieving strategies. These strategies will empower audience members to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives. This leads to both immediate and long-term success. “The People’s Shark” Daymond John, will reveal how you too can live the American Dream.

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The Brand Within: Branding Yourself from Birth to the Boardroom

When William Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage”, he was indirectly talking about branding! This informative keynote is like nothing else on the market. Sure, there are other speakers that may explain how to market and brand a product, but how many explain, step-by-step, how to brand yourself and transfer that power into your job, company or product? Did you realize that you’re a brand? According to The Shark, you were branded the day you were born and continuously every second since!

In this keynote, The Shark, Daymond John, gives audience members in-depth insight into how your personal brand affects all aspects of your life. Not only will attendees learn the importance of branding, Daymond will reveal some of the tricks that helped him expand his brand into dozens of countries around the globe. The techniques shared can be applied to personal branding as well as to the branding of products and concepts.

Corporations love employees with a strong sense of branding because it inspires out-of-the-box thinking, creating an infectious energy that flows throughout the work environment.

It’s no secret that the world has gotten smaller. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Foursquare, and dozens of other social websites have increased the desire for people to be noticed as a brand, let The Shark, Daymond John, show you how.

Goals and Motivation - The Daymond Story

In this keynote, presented in his charismatic style, The Shark, Daymond John, takes audience members on an inspiring, emotional rollercoaster ride. They’ll hear, first-hand, how a man, with no formal business training whatsoever, went from driving cabs and waiting tables at Red Lobster to creating a global fashion empire with retail sales exceeding four billion dollars to date, and a starring role on ABC’s hit reality business show, Shark Tank. Daymond entertains and awes audience members with true-life tales of his incredible successes and numerous failures. Equally important, however, he motivates, inspires, and teaches them how to set and go after their own goals with newfound focus and determination.

Audience members will be galvanized as they realize they have been setting goals for themselves all of their lives – whether they realized it or not! What’s more, to their surprise, many attendees will learn that the goals they have been setting have been self-destructive.

Unlike some “motivational speakers”, rather than spitting-out tiresome “I can make it, so can you” clichés, Daymond shares the exact goal-setting strategies that he attributes to his success and teaches audience members how to incorporate them into their endeavors. This keynote will challenge attendees to exercise their brains in a way that cultivates a positive, goal-setting mindset.

Fostering Creativity

Creativity and innovative thinking are defining characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. Now more than ever, however, corporate leaders are recognizing that entrepreneurial thinking isn’t just for entrepreneurs. Creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to think outside the proverbial box are skills that are just as valuable in large corporations as they are in start-ups. Thus, many of America’s leading companies are turning to entrepreneurs for their insight. In this keynote, Daymond John uses personal examples from his phenomenally successful rags-to-riches journey to explain how he honed his entrepreneurial mindset. More important, John teaches audience members how to this mindset, which includes what he calls the “Power of Broke” thinking, to achieve their goals and objectives — inside or outside a corporation.

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Daymond John Reviews

“You could have heard a pin drop as he mesmerized the room.”

— Rowan University

“Thank you Daymond for being our keynote, which was a huge success with record attendance.”

— Economic Development of Central Oregon

“Daymond was awesome to work with. He went the extra mile on everything he did and did an amazing job on tailoring the presentation to our audience.”

— American Airlines Federal Credit Union

“The Shark,” did not disappoint! With our organization’s mandate being “engage, inspire, inform and empower,” I must say that there are very few individuals more suited, and with a more appropriate message to share, than Daymond”

— Urban Financial Services Coalition


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