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Leading Expert on Cross-Cultural International Business Issues

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Dean Foster – Creating The Culturally Competent Company Abridged Presentation
Dean Foster – EURA Presentation

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Today, almost every meeting is virtual. And while virtual enables us to work with our global teams and colleagues across time and space, virtual does not make the cultural differences at the table just go away. In fact, virtual often masks those differences, increasing confusion and misunderstanding. Whether managing language differences, different expectations about how to handle agendas and scheduling, misunderstandings caused by accents and misread body language, miscues around who is expected to talk to whom, when and why … the list of cultural challenges in virtual meetings goes on.

Topics in this virtual webinar include: how to handle those awkward silences; how to engage the non-speakers and handle the dominant speakers; the 12 fundamentals of overcoming language and accent barriers; how to read non-verbal behaviors correctly, no matter the culture; essential greeting behaviors; how to manage scheduling challenges; how to build long-term critical trusting relationships; virtually, managing time-zones; virtual jet-lag; ear of the camera; how to discover—and motivate—the decision makers; rules for successful global negotiations, conflict resolution, project management, critiquing and rewarding … and so much more.

Audience: Business leaders, managers and global teams.

In this presentation, Dean shares his real-life stories and adventures of having worked in more countries than most people will ever visit; the big and small mistakes he’s made; and the best practices for managing the cultural differences that most business travelers will inevitably encounter. Most important, he’ll share his observations about what makes us all the same, despite our differences, and how we can leverage those similarities to our advantage when working globally.

Why is China becoming the world’s factory; India the world’s back office; France, the world’s philosopher? And where does that leave the US? It may seem as if politics and economics drive the headlines, but a deeper look reveals the hidden driver behind the great events of history: Culture. This presentation will explore key national cultural characteristics and their roles in shaping the great events of history and today, and provide a new framework for thinking about the real forces that drive our world.

Audience: International business, global current affairs

Today’s global team needs to work across time and space, challenged by language and cultural differences, different levels of technical expertise, and different perspectives on the task the team must accomplish. Developing an effective, smooth-working team requires an understanding of the dynamics of global teamwork, and this presentation explores the cross-cultural competencies that must be mastered in order for teams to succeed in today’s global world.

Audience: Global teams, global business

Different cultures negotiate business in different ways, and can even perceive the essential elements of the negotiating process in very different ways. Based on Dean Foster’s award-winning book, “Bargaining Across Borders”, this presentation explores everything you need to know to successfully negotiate business in the world’s major cultural regions, from China and India in Asia, to Brazil and Mexico in Latin America, to the EU and the developing nations of the Middle East and Africa.

Audience: Global Business leaders

Communicating is tough work: we often don’t succeed even with those with whom we are most intimate, our friends, partners, children and parents. Now add cultural differences, language differences, time zones and the pressure of business requirements, and it’s no wonder that communications often break down in the real-time world of global work. This presentation will explore all the elements of successful cross-cultural communication, from what makes a successful email to how to manage language differences in a videoconference meeting. Essential information for anyone working long-distance with colleagues around the world.

Audience: Global business, international travelers

Everyone has their travel stories, memories of successful and romantic adventures, as well as horrible missteps and mistakes. But our travel experiences also provide hidden clues to the deeper meanings that the culture we are journeying through is trying to reveal to us. In this new, interactive keynote, Dean reveals the secret meanings of many of the world’s most meaningful cultures, through the stories of his own travel experiences. Learn how to transform your own next travel experience, and those of your friends and clients, into a deeply rewarding journey to understanding a culture like never before.

Audience: Travel and business travel industry

Whether traveling for leisure or business, putting your best foot forward can make the difference between an enriching or disappointing vacation, a successful or failed business trip. Today’s global travelers need far more information than just where to go and what to see: they also need to know how to get along, in order to be welcome wherever they are. This presentation will explore those aspects of global etiquette, for each of the world’s five major regions, that are essential to leisure and business success.

Audience: International travelers, armchair culturephiles

Technical expertise alone is no longer the determinant of success in the global, 21st century: being able to transfer and translate your organization’s hard-won expertise across cultural boundaries has become the single most important competitive advantage in today’s global world. The future belongs to those organizations who can leverage cultural differences to their advantage. This presentation will show you the critical cultural issues faced by global organizations today and how to manage them for positive results.

Audience: International business travelers, global managers, global entrepreneurs

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