Dr. Jen Welter in 30 Seconds!

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Dr. Jen Welter is the First Female NFL Coach, Sport Psychologist and Gold Medalist. She uses her story of goal setting and determination to inspire others to recognize their own potential and break through their own life barriers. Here is Dr. Jen Welter in 30 Seconds!

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This 30 second clip of Dr. Jen is only a sneak peak into her extremely rewarding life. One of her biggest accomplishments was becoming the first female to serve as an NFL coach in the male-dominated sport in 2015. First, she served as an intern linebackers coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Welter’s time at the Cardinals has been defined by the bond she has fostered with the players. But this is not the first time Welter’s was the first to do something. She is also a veteran of several women’s professional football teams, including the Dallas Diamonds & Dallas Dragons.


Additionally, Welter holds a doctorate degree in Psychology, with 18 years of experience in fitness and the professional athlete world. She has her own Flag Football camp for women that empowers them to turn their dreams into reality. In her keynotes, she focuses on teaching the value of assembling teams with diverse perspectives and talents to strengthen the organization’s competitive advantage.

Dr. Jen Welter in 30 Seconds. Book her today! Call us at 1.800.345.5607 or email [email protected] to book!

Posted by uberuser

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