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Team Energizer

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Eric Bailey – Team Energizer
Eric Bailey – Motivational Speaker

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Introductory workshop: This will be interactive, high impact, fun and engaging to get staff involved and excited about learning,growing,developing and achieving more than ever before.

This session is about getting staff to make a decision about sitting on the bench…or being a regular contributor and winning a CHAMPIONSHIP for the TEAM.

Aimed at increasing  involvement and engagement from staff about how and why it is important to raise their standards and work to a world class level. Not just for the organization but for themselves, their team, and more importantly their customers. 

Topics include:

  • Show up everyday expecting to win. 
  • Have a huge appetite for success. Don’t settle for average. Take advantage of opportunities. Strive To Be The Best!
  • Stop sleeping with the enemy. Have a  positive attitude.Stay away from negative talk at the water station. Don’t be afraid  to speak your mind and step up for things.
  • Don’t just motivate your mind; motivate your mind, body, and spirit with Activate Now! This topic guarantees a fresh outlook on life as we take inactive inspiration and activate it, enabling listeners to uncover their true potential. It’s not motivation—it’s activation! Activate Now! is offered as a full or half day workshop or a keynote speech.

    Winning with Attitude teaches how to create a powerful mindset that can think outside the box and adapt to change at the drop of a hat. It’s all about cultivating passion and building confidence and credibility while you discover what it takes to bounce back from adversity on your way to meeting your goals. Winning with Attitude is offered as a full or half day workshop or a keynote speech.

    Take a trip of discovery and learn how to motivate and lead any team to victory. Even leaders need to be led sometimes, and the person who knows how to do this is invaluable! Leading the Leaders teaches how to mentor and inspire new leaders as they gain an understanding of the influence and power of successful leadership. The program is offered as a full or half day workshop or a keynote speech.

    A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the same holds true for teams. In order to maximize your team’s success, you need to tap into the strengths of each team member and figure out how to best motivate them to work together. Keys to Team Synergy is offered as a full or half day workshop or a keynote speech.

    Vision is about much more than having a dream. It’s about converting that dream into reality. The 12 Pillars of Personality will enable you to build a bridge from your vision to the reality you’ve always wanted by capitalizing on your personality strengths and correcting your weaknesses. 12 Pillars of Personality is offered as a full or half day workshop or a keynote speech.

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