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Mind Reader & America's Got Talent Contestant

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Eric Dittelman – Mind Reader
Fool Us

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Ever wonder what it would be like to know what someone else was thinking? What if you knew exactly what someone else was going to do before they did it? Eric Dittelman knows what that’s like and has been reading minds at colleges, comedy clubs, and private events all across the country.

Combining amazing mind reading with stand-up and improvisational comedy, Eric keeps his audiences engaged and laughing. Whether playing a round of Pictionary while Eric’s eyes are duct taped shut, acting out a game of imaginary charades, or having a personal thought revealed from their minds, audience members become part of the show and leave with a fun experience that they’ll never forget.

Mind reading has always been about connecting with people. After all, you can’t read minds if there are no minds to read. Connecting is even more important now that we are social distancing and can’t see each other face to face.

Many social gatherings have been cancelled due to the global pandemic – whether it be college programs or corporate outings – and as everyone moves online, the challenge becomes how to bring everyone together even though they are so far apart.

I’ve created my brand new virtual mind reading show to do just that.

My live-streamed show is fun, interactive and mind-blowing but more importantly, it creates a shared live experience that you and your community can participate in together.

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