Frans Johansson

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Innovation Expert and Author, "The Medici Effect"

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Frans Johansson

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Companies today, need to become faster and far better at innovation — or risk obsolescence. The key to this shift is transitioning to a new model of fast-moving, diverse and inclusive teams that can rapidly uncover new, innovative pathways for growth.

In his signature talk, Johansson demonstrates why diversity is a key driver of innovation success, and how you can capitalize on this fact. This talk has single-handedly catalyzed organizational change across industry after industry.

The only constant is change, and our interconnectedness means the world has become far more unpredictable. How can leaders navigate this climate? It takes collaboration, courage, and a new kind of thinking,

Johansson, will introduce a set of tools that can improve an organization’s ability to move fast, respond to changing conditions, capitalize on unexpected success and scale rapidly through breaking silos using connectedness to its advantage.

 An organization’s ability to move fast, respond to changing conditions, capitalize on unexpected success and scale rapidly is becoming the key to future growth.

In this talk, Johansson demonstrates the critical shift that all organizations must undergo in order to equip themselves for maximum growth. He will outline a model for transforming your organization, from speeding up idea-execution, to repositioning the organization to excel in the marketplace.

As a leader, how do you innovate your business and career, while the demands of today’s marketplace are constantly increasing?

In this talk, Johansson will outline the challenges leaders face today and provide skills and insights they can use to spur innovation and stand apart. Johansson has worked with over 3,000 teams worldwide and empowered executive teams to rethink the way they lead to make organizations faster and more innovative.


“Absolute knockout!”


“One of the most dynamic presenters I’ve every experiened…. bold, creative and fun. Engages his audience and taps into individual creativity in a new and exciting way. His energy is contagious!”

— Nike

“Captured the tremendous business value of cultural diversity and its impact on innovation—in a very fun way! Frans’ presentation was one of the highlights of our conference.”


Engaging, inspiring and very thoughtful!”

— Volvo

An outstanding speaker. One of the most compelling cases for diversity that I have ever seen.”

— Pacific Bell

“Frans has a unique and captivating way of looking at things. He led my organization and one of my ideation teams through high-energy innovation sessions. In just one session, he took our team from: struggling with no direction or ideas to: fully developed ideas with a process and plan… I highly recommend his approach—truly one of the best corporate development experiences I have ever had.”

— Johnson & Johnson

“I once again want to commend you on doing a superb job presenting at our Professional Development Conference. The evaluations are in and this is the response: 1) The speaker was motivational and informative 100%. 2) I learned something new from the speaker that I can apply to my business 99%. We have never received a 100%, on speaker evaluations. You are awesome!”

— Sodexho

“Frans Johansson is an exceptional speaker and thought leader. I brought him to speak to my leadership and his powerful message and memorable delivery helped change how we thought about innovation.”

— CEO, Mastercard

“Unlike any other speaker I have ever seen. Incredibly high-energy and able to surprise the audience and keep them at the edge of their seats. Excellent insights and … remembered for years.”

— CEO, WW International, Inc.

“Frans delivered an inspired talk where he urged us to continue our efforts in adapting, learning and pushing boundaries. It was energizing and tailored to our organizational goals and identity.”

— General Manager, Oklahoma City Thunder
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