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Unconscious bias: Stereotypical hiring practices.

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Unconscious Bias is inevitable.  It impacts all facets of your organization from recruiting, diversity & inclusion, employee engagement, communication, innovation, customers and profit (Gail can focus on one of these areas or touch upon all and create an industry specific talk)
In this informative and eye opening talk, Gail will share how to recognize and overcome unconscious bias so you can make better decisions, hire the best talent, boost profits, build diversity, improve innovation and build a better customer experience.
–        Identify the various unconscious biases that is holding your company back from achieving its full potential
–        Understand the impact of unconscious bias in your life and business
–        Discover the secret technique to combat unconscious bias and learn how to focus on what truly matters in order to make better organizational and personal decisions

In the height of Gail’s business success, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Gail will share her experiences, challenges and mindset that allowed her to overcome tough obstacles that allowed her to thrive personally and professionally.  This talk is aimed at building a healthy perspective so you can conquer anything.
–        Learn how to shift your mindset that will empower you to go from stuck to unstuck
–        Be comfortable in the uncomfortable and build a “gritty” you & organization
–        Why adversity is not your enemy and use it to your advantage

Gail will share her personal journey of being authentic to herself and leading an organization that stays true to its values so you can have the courage to keep it real.
–  Why fitting in sucks and authenticity matters to yourself, leadership and organizations
–  Self-Awareness: What’s holding you back from living a life that is true to yoy
–  Take action and learn how to build the confidence to show up authentically to bring out the best in you, your team and organization

Over a million resumes reviewed and 20+ years of recruiting and career coaching experience, Gail will share her insider perspective on how to land a job effectively.  This talk is perfect for college students and any audience that wants to help job seekers land a job.
–   What are you doing wrong? Understand the mind of recruiters and hiring managers so you reverse engineer your job search process
–        Why should they hire you?  Learn how to stand out and put the best version of yourself out to the world
–        Discover hacks and a process that is efficient and effective in landing your next job
–        Leverage Networking Karma: land your next job and build a successful career
–        Learn how to overcome frustration and be positive while searching for a job

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