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President and CEO of The Marks Group, Author, and Small Business Management Columnist

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Gene Marks – Business Speaker

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The most successful business executives, owners, managers and leaders have this one thing in common: they are always looking ahead. They’re executing their plans for the current year. But now they’re thinking of the years to come. How will they navigate their company through potential economic downturns? What impact will the 2020 elections have on their company and industry? What investments should they be making? What technologies should they be considering?

If you’re a business leader than it’s your job to also be thinking ahead. That’s because you have people that are relying on you for their livelihoods: your employees, your customers, your partners, your suppliers…and all of their families. They are counting on your leadership to ensure that your company will grow and prosper through whatever challenges the universe throws at you!

That’s a lot of responsibility. But Gene Marks can help.

Gene, a business owner, CPA, author and longtime regular business columnist for The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Hill, The Philadelphia Inquirer and Forbes Magazine will share the tactics, strategies and ideas that hundreds of business leaders he knows are carrying out to grow their companies beyond 2020.

Using the most current events and up to date information, Gene will be sharing with you the latest political, economic and technology trends that will be affecting your business this year and beyond 2020 and actions for meeting those challenges. Topics (which can be modified based on the audience) would likely include:

  • A look at the significant candidates and the potential impact of the 2020 presidential and congressional elections on your business and industry on legislation affecting your employees, healthcare, taxes and the economy;
  • Compensation and management strategies for finding, motivating and keeping your employees as productive as possible;
  • Updates on tax and regulatory information that will help you minimize your tax bill;
  • New technologies that will fuel your company into the next decade;
  • Potential growth opportunities for your business;
  • And more…
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    “It was pleasure meeting you as well. Plus a Philly boy to boot! We had our follow up board meeting earlier today. With the education side, every single board member had extremely favorable comments and easily felt the consensus was that you had stolen the show. I can’t thank you enough for the dynamic speaking engagement you put on for SEVA. We would absolutely have you back at some point and would strongly recommend you to any other organization. It’s special guests such as yourself that help us to grow and maintain the member numbers our association is privileged to have. Thanks again.”

    — Canteen Vending
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